Create a Romantic Master Suite for Valentine’s Day

Love is a beautiful thing! If you are lucky enough to share it with a significant other, that’s something to celebrate—and not just on Valentine’s Day. The longer you have been with someone, the more important it is to keep the romance alive. For this post, I’ve put together some ways to keep your romance sizzling by turning your bedroom and bathroom into a romantic master suite. With just a few small changes, you can make your master suite more romantic and rekindle the feeling of falling in love.

Set the Mood

For Valentine’s Day, your anniversary, or any other special occasion, consider setting the mood for the evening. Re-use these tips any time you want to amp up the romance, even on an ordinary day!

Champagne flutes and chocolate covered strawberries on a silver platter

Lighting Matters

Lighting is essential in creating the right mood. Keep lighting dim, and mix several types of lighting in soft, flattering tints. Scented candles create a cozy glow and help create a sultry setting. Hanging small mirrors behind your bedside lamps will also make your master bedroom feel more romantic.

Sprinkle Rose Petals

There is something about red rose petals that is undeniably romantic. Plus, they add a nice scent. Consider filling a glass vase or bowl with rose petals. Sprinkle them around the bedroom and bath.

Use Scents

Create a more sensual space by activating your sense of smell. Besides scented candles, you can also use scent diffuser sticks or natural potpourri blends. However, if your partner is sensitive to smell or allergic, skip out on the scents. Opt for unscented candles instead.

Play Some Music

The right music can help set a romantic tone as well. Create a playlist in advance of music you both like. Set up speakers throughout the bedroom and bathroom. 

Make Your Bedding More Romantic

You can make your bedding more romantic by choosing an analogous color scheme. This means choosing colors that are close together on the color wheel or different hues of the same color. Red and pink are analogous, but you don’t have to stick to these colors to make your space more romantic. Any analogous color scheme does the trick because it creates a soothing effect. 

Romantic bedroom in a master suite

Another way to make your bedding more romantic is by adding layers to your bedding. Mix materials to make it feel more lush. You can also make your bed cozier and more inviting by placing velvet and (faux) furs over your bedspread. These textures evoke feelings of luxury, enriching the overall experience.

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A Romantic Master Bath

When creating a romantic master suite, you can’t forget the master bath. The first thing you want to do is to make sure the bathroom is pristine. When setting up your bathroom, think about creating a spa-like setting. It will make you and your loved one feel pampered and relaxed — the perfect mindset for romance. For a romantic evening, draw a bath for your loved one. Have a selection of essential oils and bath salts to choose from. Top the water off with rose petals to make it extra special. 

Romantic free-standing bathtub with candles

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For the ultimate symbol of romance, keep a bucket of champagne chilling nearby. Pair it with some fancy chocolates or fruits like chocolate-covered strawberries or grapes. The more surprises you can add in, the better. Leaving a note for your lover to find is a nice, thoughtful touch. 

It’s important to schedule romantic evenings with your significant other. The longer you are together, the more comfortable you become. You don’t always have to go out to have a romantic evening. Instead, you can use these tips to create an intimate setting at home. A sensual space where you can indulge in each other will help you remember why you fell in love in the first place.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

With love,