Beautiful Built-In Seating

One of my favorite design trends for 2020 is built-in seating. I love architectural elements that also serve a functional purpose. On top of that, built-in seats are an efficient use of space and create comfortable places to hang out. Built-in seating comes in many forms, from reading nooks to kitchen banquettes. They can maximize a small space or create a more intimate space in a large room.

Inspirational Built-In Seating Examples

Window Seats

A window seat in a white room

Built-in window seats are dreamy. They provide a great way to enjoy the warm, natural light. They allow you to take in outdoor views while you nestle indoors. Many of them even come with built-in drawers or compartments which are great for storage.


Blue banquet seating in a kitchen

A kitchen banquette like the one above keeps things cozy and stylish. The soft blue against the white adds an extra level of charm in this space. Kitchen banquettes create a more intimate dining experience with your family and close friends.

Another example of banquet built-in seating

A fun pattern like this colorful ikat adds character to built-in seating and makes a bold statement. I love how the red lantern light in this dining area brings out the red from the pattern!


Built-in seating next to a fireplace

Built-in seating right by a fireplace is the ultimate combo! I adore everything in this picture from the earthy tones and antlers to the horse portrait.


Detached built-in seating in an open floor plan kitchen

Here is an example of built-in seating that’s not located near a window. It works well in this open floor plan. The striped banquette creates a casual and laid-back ambiance and complements the wooden beams. 

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Built-in day bed in an attic space

An attic doesn’t have to be reserved for clutter. You can use it to create more living space in your home. I love how this attic was turned into an office. The built-in daybed makes the space more inviting.

Reading Nooks

Example of built-in seating for one under a window

Although this reading nook is small, it’s the perfect amount of space for some alone time. It’s an excellent spot to snuggle up with a great book without being bothered.

Built-in seating under a window with built in bookcases

What’s better than a built-in reading nook? A built-in reading nook with a built-in bookcase. 

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Bright yellow built-in seating

Sit in this little section of the wall and try not to be in a good mood. I love how this cheerful yellow color literally pops right out of the wall. It matches perfectly with the warm tones of the wood floor.


Simple built-in seating in a small living room

This cute little corner is a great spot to lounge around with a friend or family member and have a nice chat. You can easily change up the look of this corner by switching out the throw pillows and blankets.

Add Your Own Built-In Seating

Looking to add some built-in seating to your home? The national average cost for built-in seating falls between $840 and $1680. If you want to get a better estimate of your local cost, use this link and type in your zip code.

Although built-in seating is currently trending, it will surely outlast the trend. It can create cozy and intimate spaces in your home that will never go out of style.