Trending Now: White Onyx

White onyx counters and walls in a bathroom

Adding stone has always been a way to make a home more beautiful and luxurious. Stone is one of my favorite materials to work with. It’s a wonderful way to add texture and character to any space. White marble, in particular, has been a classic choice for quite some time in modern design. However, there is another player taking over the scene: white onyx. As I mentioned in my recent interview with Floor Coverings International, white onyx is currently trending. It’s popping up everywhere in home design.

The Difference between Onyx and Marble

White onyx is the new marble. In fact, it’s actually a type of marble. The difference between marble and onyx is visible through the patterns and veins. The design of onyx is more intricate with more visible veining. Its lack of opacity makes this quartz stone translucent. It is also softer, more fragile, and rarer than regular marble. Because of these factors, it is more expensive

Onyx comes in many colors. Some of the most popular onyx colors include jade, mint, light pink, and warm tan. However, white has been the most prevalent. I imagine the versatility of white has something to do with its allure. White is also the most translucent of all the onyx colors.

Backlit white onyx wall
Backlit onyx wall by GPI Design

The Versatility of White Onyx

Some popular applications of this stone are around fireplaces and on countertops. Although these are stunning choices, there are many other ways to implement this stone as well. You can use white onyx for bathroom tiles, in showers, and for sinks like this beauty. White onyx is being incorporated in many home décor pieces. For example, I’ve seen many accessories and coffee tables with natural stone edges.

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Let the Light Shine Through

Because white onyx is a little translucent, you can create some gorgeous effects with lighting. There’s nothing that exudes luxury and elegance quite like a backlit white onyx fireplace. The light shines through onyx beautifully. You can also use the stone for backlit walls to accentuate its features. 

Illuminated white onyx ceiling panels with chandelier
Illuminated onyx ceiling panels by GPI Design

Incorporating onyx walls is an easy way to add texture and richness to your space. That’s why it is often seen in mansions and luxurious hotels. For a more affordable option, there are wallpapers that emulate the onyx pattern. You won’t get the same lighting effects with wallpaper, but it will be easier to maintain.

How to Maintain White Onyx

The only downside to onyx is its high maintenance. Like marble, it is prone to stains and scratches since it is soft and fragile. To avoid damage, try to install onyx in low traffic areas of your home. Avoid using onyx on the floor, and consider using a different stone entirely if you have children or pets. Another option is to reserve your use of white onyx for display-only pieces such as sculptures or figurines.

If you choose to install onyx for kitchen countertops, make sure to wipe off spilled food and moisture from glasses immediately. If installed in your bathroom, remember to wipe off spills like toothpaste as soon as possible. Regularly clean your onyx with stone cleaner and seal it frequently.

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Backlit white onyx fireplace surround
Backlit white onyx fireplace by Dente Trading

Despite the drawbacks of upkeep and maintenance, the beauty of white onyx is undeniable. Perhaps its delicacy makes it even more coveted. No two pieces are alike and the patterns are amazing. I’m not surprised by its popularity and I’m a huge fan. Would you try white onyx in your home?Warm Regards,