Are Brown Leather Couches In or Out?

As the seasons change, trends come and go. That’s why it’s important to choose timeless pieces when picking out expensive items for your home. But what’s considered “timeless” is sometimes subjective. For instance, many people debate on whether a brown leather couch is in or out of fashion. I personally think they are a classic item that can work in the right setting. It all depends on how you accessorize it. A brown leather couch is a staple piece that I still use to stage many homes today. Whether a brown leather couch will look dated often depends on the style you choose. Consider the following factors when picking one out for your home.

Close up of a brown leather couch

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Brown Leather Couch

Style and Shape

When choosing a brown leather couch for your home, I recommend a modern style instead of something too formal or traditional. Choose a streamlined silhouette to make sure it doesn’t look overstuffed, bulky, or visually heavy. A brown leather couch in the Chesterfield style can be a beautiful statement piece. A fun way to style this statement piece is to mix it with fun patterns like checkered print chairs.


Brown is an excellent choice for a neutral room since it adds warmth to a space. A medium brown, like camel, is the perfect shade — not too dark, but not too light. If you choose a brown that is too light, it will be more difficult to hide stains and keep it clean. This is especially true if you have an active family.

Camel colored brown leather couch accessorized with patterned pillows

Quality of Leather

Make sure you choose an excellent quality of leather that will last. Not all leather is created equal. For example, bonded leather is prone to peeling. You want to make sure that the leather you choose is durable. A trick to determining the quality of the leather is by paying attention to how it looks and feels. Choose soft and matte leather if you want your sofa to look luxurious and expensive. Stay away from shiny patent leather, which is uncomfortable and not inviting.

The best types of leather for furniture are full-grain, split-grain, aniline, and pigmented. If you want the raw leather look with natural discoloration, choose full or split grain. For more uniform color, choose aniline or pigmented leather. These types are treated with dye to hide discoloration of the leather. It’s best to find a leather that has a finish coat that protects it from scratches and stains. Some couches are a combination of leather and vinyl. They are made of leather with some vinyl on the sides and back, which makes them less expensive. However, this isn’t the best quality since the vinyl will wear out faster than the leather. You’ll end up having to reupholster or buy a new couch.

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How to Accessorize a Brown Leather Couch

Balance out the Brown with Other Decor Elements in the Room

Since brown can be a strong color, you’ll want to balance it with other elements in the room. For instance, you can place a brown pouf chair across from the couch. Match your brown leather couch with fabric chairs with brown legs or legs made from natural wood. This will create a cohesive look.

Brown leather couch against a brick wall with a green chair

Add Color

Adding color can also balance out the darkness of a brown piece. Brown looks stunning mixed with whites and warm tones like tans and oranges. In general, brown looks great with fall colors or colors inspired by nature. Top your brown leather couch with some colorful patterned pillows. This will add personality to your space and make it more inviting.

Despite the debate on brown leather couches, I will always consider them a classic piece of furniture. I just love their practicality. I hope this post inspired you with ways you can make a brown leather couch work in your home.