Adam Collier Noel’s Contemporary Abstract Art

Through my fine arts background and experience as an artist, I have developed a trained eye for choosing art pieces for my professional staging and design business. One of my favorite artists to use when selecting artwork for homes is Adam Collier Noel. I love using his artwork because many of his pieces complement any home.

About the Artist

Adam Collier Noel began his career studying photography at the Herron School of Art Design at Indiana University. There, he began combining photography with a variety of materials and techniques to produce stunning visual designs. Today, he is known as a collage artist and resides in South Florida.

“Found” Inspiration

"Equilibrium" by Adam Collier Noel

Adam Collier Noel’s secret weapon is his archive of found photographs. His extensive collection includes mid-century snapshots and one-of-a-kind antique daguerreotypes. Daguerreotypes are photographs made by a process invented in 1839 which is no longer used. It involves creating a picture on a silver surface sensitized with iodine developed by exposure to mercury vapor. These elements make Adam’s art even more unique.

Drawing inspiration from his large collection of found photographs, Adam Collier Noel focuses on the human experience. He enjoys transcending time by taking old imagery and repurposing it into a new creation. This approach breaks the mold of contemporary art, where many artists focus only on the creation of new imagery.

Mixed Media

I love that Adam Collier Noel’s artwork is a mixture of both technological and traditional processes. His art is made up of layers of combined found images, blueprints, letters, receipts, and book pages. He emphasizes the importance of paper as a transcript of our past. I think Adam mixes these complex layers beautifully, giving his artwork depth. The different layers also add texture, which I love. If you would like to discover another artist who uses a layered approach, check out David Spiller.

Color Theory Exploration

"Wall of Assurance" by Adam Collier Noel

Adam Collier Noel’s application of color theory is brilliant. You can see it best in his Abstract collection. He always chooses colors that complement each other well and are sure to stand out in any home. Some of my favorite pieces to use when staging homes are from his abstract collection. His signature, grid-like composition makes his artwork versatile and therefore suitable for many environments.

"Coastal Sunset" by Adam Collier Noel

What I love most about these grid-like paintings is the variations of color and brushstrokes in each grid. These variations bring so much character to the simplicity of a grid-like design. It’s a great balance of order and chaos: equal parts structured and playful.

“Each color within the framework is carefully chosen and layered to create slight tension with overall harmony.”

– Adam Collier Noel

Other Collections

There is something to appreciate in each collection from Adam Collier Noel. Which collection is best for your home will depend on the style of your home, your color scheme, and whether you are decorating your forever home or staging a home for sale.

Vintage Ephemera

"Message from the Gods" by Adam Collier Noel

Standout pieces from this collection are “Message from the Gods,” “Temporary Remedy,” and “Enduring Ephemera.” I especially love the pops of color in contrast to the gray and white. The bright colors make these old images look so modern.


"Glitch" by Adam Collier Noel

What I appreciate the most in the Stereoview collection is the use of metallics. My favorite piece from this collection is “Glitch.” The distortion of the photo adds an extra level of interest to the piece. However, because these pieces are so edgy, they aren’t as versatile as those from the Abstract collection.

For Frida

"Fractured Column" by Adam Collier Noel

This collection is a series of self-portraits inspired by the artist Frida Kahlo, who is known for her own self-portraits and the depiction of the pain she suffered as the result of a bus accident. The portraits in the For Frida collection hint at a similar pain experienced by Adam Collier Noel.

Purchase the Artwork

If you would like to purchase Adam Collier Noel’s pieces for your home, you can find them for sale here. For commissioned pieces, reach out to him via his website.

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