A Conversation with Irish Artist Paula Haughey

On a recent episode of Megan Morris TV, I had the pleasure of interviewing Irish artist Paula Haughey about her passion for art. In the episode, Paula discusses what it’s like to teach art to children and she reveals why she started teaching informal art classes at her home.

About Paula Haughey

Paula Haughey began her career as a television producer in London before moving to Orlando, Florida and taking a position as an art teacher at Holy Family Catholic School. She also teaches classes at The Art Room in Windermere, Florida.

Paula and I both share a love of art, which made us fast friends when we first met a few years ago. Although she began painting in a more traditional style, Paula has recently enjoyed experimenting with abstract pieces. This trend began when she was asked to do a live painting session. What she created at that session was a beautiful, inspired piece of artwork that has since led to a number of commissioned pieces.

Paula aims to make each commissioned piece of artwork specific to the patron who commissioned it. She does this by incorporating the buyer’s preferred color schemes, family life, and other personal details into the painting. To learn more about Paula’s work and teaching adventures, check out the full interview on Megan Morris TV.

Watch the Episode

You can watch my full interview with Paula Haughey below.

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