Refresh Your Home with Fauxtanicals

Fauxtanical designer Jenna Crellin of Stacked & Co. recently joined me on an episode of Megan Morris TV to talk about her stunning faux floral designs. I frequently use Jenna’s arrangements in my home staging and design work. The quality of her artificial florals and succulents is second to none. As she says, “these are not your granny’s florals.” In fact, they look and feel so real that I’ve had clients try to water them! If you are looking for an easy way to refresh your home, then consider adding fauxtanicals to your décor.

Decorating with Fauxtanicals

Decorating your home with fauxtanicals is a great design solution for a variety of homeowners. For families with pets, decorating with fauxtanicals means you’ll never have to worry about toxic plants poisoning your furry friends. Families with allergies will be happy to avoid mold and other allergens that often come with real plants. Homeowners who travel frequently as well as those who lack a “green thumb” will also find fauxtanicals to be a perfect addition to their homes. The only care that your artificial plants will need is a gentle dusting every now and then.

In the Bathroom

For a bathroom, I recommend using tall, slender plants. Jenna’s “aqua looks” featuring faux Heliconias are especially beautiful. They add a touch of the tropics and take up minimal counter space.

On the Lanai

On a table outside, adding a centerpiece that is low and full is best. This keeps the arrangement from blocking the view (and the conversation) across the table. Jenna’s succulent bowls are the perfect choice for this location.

Selecting a Container

Artificial flowers are designed to last a very long time, so be sure to select a container that matches your home décor and is also timeless. Jenna sources her containers from all over the world to find the most exquisite pieces for her arrangements. View her recent projects for inspiration.

Selling a Home with Fauxtanicals

Fauxtanicals are an ideal décor solution for homes on the market. They look great through every showing and open house, and they continue to brighten a home long after. When I stage a home for sale, I use lots of neutral colors and Jenna’s faux orchid arrangements are the perfect complement. The lush greens and creamy whites are timeless and classy. They don’t compete with anything else in the home, allowing the home’s distinct features to really shine.

Learn More About Fauxtanicals on Megan Morris TV

If you’d like to know more about using fauxtanicals in your home, watch my interview with floral designer Jenna Crellin of Stacked & Co. below.

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