White Hot Summer Trends for Your Home

Summer trends this year are light, bright, and… white! I can’t help but notice that the color white has been a central theme of the many trends this summer. It’s popping up on light fixtures, walls, and floors. I’ve seen it paired with blue in various shades to produce a variety of different looks. The color white implies a sense of cleanliness and simplicity. I love using white when staging a home with MHM Professional Staging because of its mass appeal. If you plan to update your home this season to stay current with summer trends, choose white as your go-to color.

Currey & Company White Lighting Fixtures

White lighting fixtures are definitely a summer trend, and Currey & Company makes some of my favorites. The Hadley Collection by Currey & Company includes three beautiful white lights: the Hadley chandelier, the Hadley pendant, and the Hadley semi-flush. What these fixtures lack in color, they make up for in texture. The sculpted look of the gesso white finish adds movement and interest to the overall design. It almost mimics the movement of fabric gently swaying in the breeze.

Currey and Company Hadley Chandelier in white

Currey & Company Hadley Chandelier


Currey and Company Hadley Pendant in white

Currey & Company Hadley Pendant


Currey and Company Hadley Semi-Flush in white

Currey & Company Hadley Semi-Flush


The Honour Chandelier is another piece from Currey & Company that’s catching our attention this summer. Here, the gesso white finish brings a modern touch to a classic shape. Unlike the Hadley Collection, the Honour Chandelier is more rustic than elegant. It has the same modern appeal due to the white finish, but it doesn’t impart the same sense of movement.

Currey and Company Honour Chandelier in white

Currey & Company Honour Chandelier


Clean Scandinavian Design

Scandinavian design is one of the summer trends that continues to grow in popularity. The Scandi style is all about simplicity and a limited color palette. When I think of Scandinavian design, I envision white walls with white furniture and the occasional hint of grays and pastels. “Less is more” is a hallmark of the Scandi style. If you aspire to Scandi simplicity, start by removing all colors and textures. Then, slowly bring in just a few accent pieces and colors.

Minimal, all white room with white washed table and chair and a few plants

An example of Scandinavian design


Painting wooden floors white is an interesting way to incorporate even more white into a Scandinavian room. It also allows those few colorful accent pieces to truly stand out.

Home office with Scandinavian design and white floor

Scandinavian home office with white wood floors


Classic White and Blue

The combination of white and blue is another summer trend this year. With this in mind, experiment with different shades of blue to create entirely different looks. If you want a Mediterranean aesthetic, then go with deeper blue hues. For a southern-inspired seersucker look, choose paler blues in stripes and patterns. Feeling nautical? Incorporate many shades of blue accents with mostly white décor to give your home a coastal feel.

White and blue Mediterranean home decor

White and blue in a Mediterranean style


White and blue southern home decor

A blue and white striped pillow can add southern charm


White and blue coastal home decor

Achieve a coastal style with a variety of blues


No matter which shades of blue you choose, you can’t go wrong with a classic blue and white color scheme.

Find Your Favorite Summer Trends

We are loving the bright white trend, but there are so many others to explore. Browsing through summer trends is a great way to pass time while laying by the pool. Grab your favorite design magazine and a frozen margarita, and then sip and flip through the glossy pages for inspiration!