10 Most Stylish Accent Chair Styles

Accent chairs can hold a lot of power in a space. They may not be the main feature, but they can be the thing that takes a room from okay to fabulous by providing an extra dose of style and character.

There are a lot of accent chair styles to choose from. It goes beyond just looking for the right color and size ─ this piece can actually make a statement if you want it to! Some amazing designers have spent countless hours of love and hard work into crafting chairs that not only serve a function but are also pieces of art in their own right. Each one tells its own story and can be the thing that elevates the overall style of a room.

I’ve chosen 10 of my favorite accent chair styles that I think make the biggest impact on a space. They are all timeless and creative in their own way.

Accent Chair Styles

10 Most Stylish Accent Chair Styles | HomeandEventStyling.comGHOST CHAIR This lucite chair has a chic, modern appeal that is particularly ideal for small spaces, as they take up little visual space and allow light to go right through them.
Soruce: The Every Girl

10 Most Stylish Accent Chair Styles | HomeandEventStyling.comSLIPPER CHAIR A slipper chair has low arms and a fluid curve that makes it an elegant accent.
Source: Style Me Pretty

10 Most Stylish Accent Chair Styles | HomeandEventStyling.comWINGBACK CHAIR Who doesn’t love the classic look of a wingback chair, particularly a tufted one? They work great as a side chair or even at the ends of a dining room table.
Source: Apartment Therapy

10 Most Stylish Accent Chair Styles | HomeandEventStyling.comBARCELONA CHAIR This chair is ultra modern and chic, never having gone out of style. Its low profile gives it a laid back appeal.
Source: My Domaine

10 Most Stylish Accent Chair Styles | HomeandEventStyling.comBALL CHAIR These hanging chairs are an unexpected accent for a space that is fun and whimsical.
Source: Temple & Webster

10 Most Stylish Accent Chair Styles | HomeandEventStyling.comCLUB CHAIR For a more traditional vibe, club chairs are a great choice. They are sturdy yet elegant.
Source: Luxe

10 Most Stylish Accent Chair Styles | HomeandEventStyling.comBERGERE CHAIR This chair has a slightly ornate, vintage feel that brings a touch of glamour to whatever space in which it is used.
Source: The Decorista

10 Most Stylish Accent Chair Styles | HomeandEventStyling.comBUTTERFLY CHAIR The unique shape of this chair makes it look more like a piece of art, bringing lots of visual interest to a room.
Source: West Elm

10 Most Stylish Accent Chair Styles | HomeandEventStyling.comHOODED CHAIR Hooded chairs can always be counted on to make a statement in a space with their unique and eye-catching shape.
Source: Better Homes & Gardens

10 Most Stylish Accent Chair Styles | HomeandEventStyling.comCHAISE When you want an accent chair that is elegant, comfortable, and fills a little more space, a chaise is the perfect option for you.
Source: Erica Burns Interiors via Decor Pad

Which one of these accent chair styles is your favorite?

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