Hotel Tour: The Halcyon House

One of the most inspiring countries I’ve ever traveled to is Australia. There is so much life in their art and culture that gives it a beautiful energy I would love to capture. The Halcyon House, a boutique hotel in Australia, definitely captured that energy in a fresh, chic way.

This hotel tour shows off a palette of vivid blue and white to capture a lively coastal look. It is a very chic take on the style, incorporating natural textures and well-chosen patterns to make it elegant and contemporary. There are some unexpected doses of other colors that pop up here and there through the decor, adding to the whimsical nature of the hotel.

What I love about this hotel tour is that it gives a wonderful demonstration of how you can mix the coastal style with an eclectic flair to give it a totally unique identity. It’s just as special as the continent it sits on.

The Halcyon House

Hotel Tour: The Halcyon House | HomeandEventStyling.comCoffee table books help make the lobby feel more like a home to suit the residential vibe of the hotel.

halcyonhouse02Blue and white striped lounges look super chic by the pool area, which features a wood deck that makes the area feel more luxurious and coastal.

halcyonhouse03A rich blue sofa contrasts with a stunning effect against the white walls. Some patterned pillows lighten it up and bring some extra character to it.

halcyonhouse04A whimsical floral wallpaper looks darling against this coastal vignette.

halcyonhouse05The delightful mixture of patterns, color and texture bring so much life to this space and give it a completely unique identity.

halcyonhouse06The complex wallpaper design in this room is gorgeous. The white bedding allows it to stand out without overwhelming the small space too much.

halcyonhouse07White tile with black grout looks very chic and contemporary in the bathroom. The blue is brought in subtly through the floor tile, while wood accents incorporate the coastal vibe.

halcyonhouse08A few pink accents break up the blue and give this room its own unique charm that is fresh and relaxing.

halcyonhouse10Bronze looks stunning when paired with blue, enriching the palette with a nice touch of metallic sheen.

This hotel has such a happy, free-flowing energy that I am so inspired by. It offers some great ideas to help infuse that same vibe into your own home.

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