Hotel Tour: The Crisp & Colorful Attwater Hotel

Some of the most charming and inspiring hotels in the world are boutique hotels. Because they are smaller, they put extra care into making the experience unique and the design something special.

The Attwater Hotel in Newport, Rhode Island is a boutique hotel that certainly fits that description. It captures the wonderful energy and history of the town it resides in. With brightly colored decor and an airy, contemporary vibe, you’ll never feel detached from the magic of the town you’re staying in, even while you’re indoors.

The design even has a whimsical nature that gives it its own personality. I love the unique mixtures of wood, patterns, color, and texture that can be found throughout this adorable hotel tour. Though the decor is very colorful, it has an understated quality to it that can both relax and refresh you.

Enjoy this inspiring hotel tour courtesy of Lonny.

Hotel Tour: The Crisp & Colorful Attwater Hotel | HomeandEventStyling.comThe exterior of the hotel is quaint and charming with a white facade and a couple of rocking chairs.

attwaterhotel02A turquoise chandelier brings a touch of coastal flavor to the lobby and brings a fresh pop to the blue.

attwaterhotel03Bright, colorful curtains are fun and playful in the lobby, while the zebra ottomans bring some chic sophistication to the space.

attwaterhotel04Glossy wood floors are perfect for this space, bringing a natural warmth while flowing well with the sleek coastal look.

attwaterhotel05A subdued palette makes the rooms colorful yet soothing. The retro patterns bring a fun, funky edge to the decor.

attwaterhotel06A crystal chandelier in one of the seating areas adds a touch of glamour to the atmosphere.

attwaterhotel07A lime green lamp is a perfect accent against light blue for a cheerful pop of color.

attwaterhotel08This seating area was kept simple and modest to draw your eye to the beautiful view and magnificent windows.

attwaterhotel09Metallic ottomans are super modern and look really cool when juxtaposed against the more elaborate furniture.

attwaterhotel10Crisp white furniture effortlessly captures the crisp, modern vibe of the hotel.

If you’re ever in Newport, RI, this is definitely a little gem to check out while you’re there.

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