10 Pretty in Pink Rooms

Pink is the most romantic color in the rainbow. It captures the positive, nurturing feeling around love and is generally considered a feminine color, though it can work well even in a general neutral space when used correctly, such as in fresh flowers.

I love this color because it is so effortlessly chic and sophisticated. Pink rooms have an elegance to them that can’t be mistaken. Even just a touch of pink can bring some magic to a space. The wide range of shades and tones can capture a variety of moods to truly personalize the color. It can be as glamorous or as subtle as you wish.

The following 10 pink rooms are all inspiring and beautiful in their own unique away. From the bold and eclectic to the soft and luxurious, there is no limit to what this evocative color can accomplish.

Chic Inspiration for Pink Rooms

10 Pretty in Pink Rooms | HomeandEventStyling.comThe hot pink sofa really brings this eclectic room alive. Keeping everything else subtle lets the sofa shine without feeling too “loud” in the space.
Source: Emily Henderson via Decor Pad

10 Pretty in Pink Rooms | HomeandEventStyling.comThe soft pink walls almost fade into the background, but give this space a sweet essence that looks super chic with the black and white accents.
Source: Vogue

10 Pretty in Pink Rooms | HomeandEventStyling.comCandy pink inside the cabinet is a brilliant and unexpected pop of color in the bathroom.
Source: Style Me Pretty

10 Pretty in Pink Rooms | HomeandEventStyling.comThis adorable bench is perfect for this small yet wonderfully charming entryway.
Source: Style At Home

10 Pretty in Pink Rooms | HomeandEventStyling.comJust this one hot pink chair brings a ton of personality to this living room corner. Even some of the books on the bookshelf match and stand out thanks to the fabric.
Source: Domino

10 Pretty in Pink Rooms | HomeandEventStyling.comThe touches of pink are subtle on this table, but they give it a sense of romance that sways the vibe of it.
Source: Style At Home

10 Pretty in Pink Rooms | HomeandEventStyling.comHow classy is this dining room? There are so many interesting elements coming together to create a unique but sophisticated space, the pink sofa of which being my favorite.
Source: Better Homes & Gardens

10 Pretty in Pink Rooms | HomeandEventStyling.comThe pink chairs and lamp shades compliment the banana leaves wallpaper to give this dining room a vintage Palm Beach flair.
Source: Coco + Kelley

10 Pretty in Pink Rooms | HomeandEventStyling.comHot pink looks stunning when paired with navy blue. The two colors really compliment each other and help each other pop.
Source: Pink Peonies

10 Pretty in Pink Rooms | HomeandEventStyling.comPink jumps right out of the stunning, colorful wall art and splashes in this fun room.
Source: HGTV

Pink may not be for everyone, but it’s definitely an effective color to create a lovely and expressive space.

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