Wallpaper Ideas Round-Up

50 wallpaper decorating ideas via HomeandEventStyling.com

If you want to make a splash in a space, wallpaper is one of the greatest tools for making that happen. It used to be a tool that many people shied away from for a while because of its difficulty of application and remove, but modern innovation has made the process much smoother. You can now enjoy the beauty of wallpaper with much more ease.

There are some amazing wallpaper ideas out there that push the envelope, from metallic textures to using the material in unexpected ways. There are even alternatives to wallpaper, such as fabric and stencling, that give you the same look at a more affordable cost and with less work.

Here are 5 blog posts featuring tons of inspiration and ideas on how to use wallpaper (or mimic the look of wallpaper) in your home.

powerfulwallpaper09The Power of Wallpaper
Even just a glimpse of wallpaper can transform a space. I’d say now is one of the most exciting times for this element because designers are doing things with it that have never been done before. From metallic textures to incredible bold patterns, there is a world of opportunity for great design with wallpaper. Check out these 10 examples of powerful wallpaper.

wallpaperaccents08Creating Character with Wallpaper Accents
Wallpaper can introduce color, texture, pattern and character into a space. A little bit can go a long way when used cleverly. There are choices out there to fit every budget and it’s a great DIY project for the weekend warrior. These spaces all show how that is possible with wallpaper accents that infuse character and style. You might start looking at wallpaper in a whole new way.

wallpaper3Stylish Ideas for Wallpapered Closets
One great way to personalize your closet is by adding wallpaper to it. Most people leave their closets in the white paint it came in, but by doing something as simple as hanging wallpaper you can transform the space into something totally unique. It’s inexpensive and a project that you can do on your own. Here are some wallpapered closet ideas to inspire you.

Making a Statement with Stenciled Walls | HomeandEventStyling.comMaking a Statement with Stenciled Walls
Though it has a similar effect as wallpaper stylistically, the nice thing about stenciling is that it can be easily painted over if you ever want something different. In recent years, designers have been pushing the envelope with stenciling and come out with some incredible patterns and ideas. Here are 10 inspiring stenciled walls that you will probably think are wallpaper at first glance.

upholsteredwall09The Easy & Affordable Look of Upholstered Walls
One look that is especially unique and not only produces some eye-catching results, but is also affordable and easy to execute, is an upholstered wall. The amazing thing about upholstered walls is that you can get amazing texture, pattern, and color on the walls and easily change it whenever you want to. Check out these ten beautiful examples of upholstered walls.

I hope these wallpaper ideas have inspired you.

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