DIY Entryway Refresh in a Weekend

When it comes to spaces in your home with the most impact, your entryway is certainly at the top of that list. It’s the first spot any guest will ever see in your home, so it’s important that it sets the right tone and makes a great first impression.

If your entryway has been feeling a little drab and isn’t “wowing” people the way you’d like it to, then it’s the perfect area of focus for your next weekend project. This area is small in relation to the rest of your home and doesn’t require a lot to make a huge impact.

The following DIY entryway ideas can be tackled in a weekend (if not an afternoon). They are super easy to implement, but will transform this space to give it that “wow” factor you’ve been looking for ─ or simply make it more functional to your lifestyle.

DIY Entryway Decor in a Weekend | HomeandEventStyling.com1. Infuse some color into it. A greaty way to make an impact in your entryway is to introduce a pop of color. This can be done with something very simple, like a runner (seen above), a piece of furniture, or even some art on the wall.
Source: My Domaine

DIY Entryway Decor in a Weekend | HomeandEventStyling.com2. Hang a mirror. For a small entryway, a mirror is especially effective at transforming the space. Not only will it reflect light and make it feel more open, but you can also introduce some style depending on the mirror that you choose.
Source: Luxe

DIY Entryway Decor in a Weekend | HomeandEventStyling.com3. Hang a chandelier. Instantly bring some glamour to your entryway by hanging a chandelier. Not only will it look elegant, but it will also add some character.
Source: Vogue

DIY Entryway Decor in a Weekend | HomeandEventStyling.com4. Use a rug. A runner or area rug will warm up a cold foyer. If you have a large, open space, it will also help define the entryway.
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DIY Entryway Decor in a Weekend | HomeandEventStyling.com5. Introduce an accent wall. Make a statement as soon as people walk through the door with a fabulous accent wall. Choose a solid color or get even more adventurous with stripes or a wallpaper.
Source: Elle Decor

DIY Entryway Decor in a Weekend | HomeandEventStyling.com6. Take advantage of the ceiling. The ceiling is another blank canvas just waiting to be made into something fabulous. It’s an especially powerful asset in an entryway, as it can create a beautiful impact when decorated. You can do a solid color, metallic paint, stripes, wallpaper, wood ─ let your imagination run wild.
Source: Domino

DIY Entryway Decor in a Weekend | HomeandEventStyling.com7. Choose the right console table. Your console table can be the star of the show in your entryway if you pick something special that suits the size and personality of the space. There are so many great options out there, so take your time looking for the right one.
Source: My Domaine

DIY Entryway Decor in a Weekend | HomeandEventStyling.com8. Opt for a settee. If you have extra space or a console table just isn’t your thing, then a settee could be the perfect alternative. It’s a little bulkier than a console table, so make sure your space is open enough. You could also opt for a bench instead.
Source: Home Bunch

DIY Entryway Decor in a Weekend | HomeandEventStyling.com9. Infuse your own character. Think of your foyer as a vignette with its own personality with the potential to tell a story. Know what direction you want to go in and then incorporate elements like plants, wall art, and other decorative items.
Source: House Beautiful

DIY Entryway Decor in a Weekend | HomeandEventStyling.com10. Make it functional. Every space in your home should work hard for what you need it for, including the entryway. A bench is a great choice for a small entryway if you need a place to put on your shoes. Hang door knobs to hang up things like coats and scarfs or stick a chic coat hanger in the corner.  This space can be pretty and functional.
Source: PopSugar

I hope these DIY entryway ideas have inspired you!

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