Design Around the World Round-Up

As an avid traveler, something I look forward to seeing every time I go someplace new is the inspiration I undoubtedly find in every place I explore. There is always something that surprises and delights me in terms of design, art, and architecture. My eyes have been opened up to so many fresh and different ideas this way.

What’s amazing about every city and country I’ve been to is how different the spirit of each one is. They all have their own unique vibe and within that there are a million other ideas and interpretations of it. I am never at a loss for inspiration. If you truly want to see design in a new way, traveling is one of the best things you can do to broaden your style.

Here are some of the posts I’ve written focusing on some of my favorite styles from around the world.

Design Around the World

The London Look | HomeandEventStyling.comThe London Look
London’s rich history is preserved and melded with contemporary sensibilities. You can see that truth well-represented in the following spaces in London homes. Besides their great sense of style, they all also make clever use of the space. If you love the London look, then you’re likely to fall in love with these 10 homes from England’s capital city.

Home Tour: Sting's Tuscan Retreat | HomeandEventStyling.comHome Tour: Sting’s Idyllic Tuscan Retreat
Il Palagio, the Tuscan villa owned by Sting and his wife, Trudie Styler is an idyllic 16th-century retreat. It has all the best features you can imagine in an Italian estate is brimming with Italian character. The 16th-century architecture has been kept in tact and the original charm of the home preserved, with a few upgrades. Enjoy this breathtaking tour of the property.

Inspiration for French Riviera Decor | HomeandEventStyling.comInspiration for French Riviera Decor
If you love a classic, slightly rustic coastal style, then the French Riviera is teeming with inspiration for you and your home. Its laid back style and clever use of color with a less-is-more mentality creates a desirable look. Here are 10 spaces that capture the vibe of the French Riviera and offer some great ideas on how to bring its influence to your own home.

French Twist: 10 Inspiring Parisian Bedrooms | HomeandEventStyling.comFrench Twist: 10 Inspiring Parisian Bedrooms
When I think of the Parisian look, two words come to mind: chic and glamorous. There is something so effortless about the French twist on those words. There are many ways to interpret Parisian decor from the simple and understated to the more luxurious and ornate. Here are 10 inspiring examples of Parisian bedrooms that will get you dreaming.

frenchcountry09Decorating with a French Country Flair
French country design is a popular look that won’t be going out of style anytime soon, if ever.There is a comfortable elegance to the French Country look that makes it a great style to incorporate into a home, especially for a family. It is full of character and charm. Here are some inspiring spaces that have a French country flair to give you some ideas on how to work with this style.

If you ever have the opportunity to travel, definitely make it a point to explore as many buildings and hotels as you can to soak up the amazing design inspiration all around you.

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