Coastal Decor Ideas Round-Up

Check out this round-up of coastal decor ideas to help you bring the spirit of the ocean into your home. |

The coastal look is one of my favorite decorating styles. I’ve always loved going to the beach, so coastal decor brings back lots of great memories and reminds me of the exquisite natural beauty of the ocean. It’s fresh, tranquil, and inspiring. Any time interior design captures these three things, you know you’ve got a winner.

For me, coastal decor is all about capturing the essence of the beach. Certain accents and motifs certainly help bring the style to life, but the most important element is the feeling it gives you. That’s why even some simple spaces that don’t have seashells or blue accents throughout the decor still somehow remind of you of being near the ocean. Keeping this sensation in mind when decorating will help you capture the essence of the coast and not just a theme.

Here is a round-up of some of my favorite posts featuring coastal decor ideas.

Coastal Decor Ideas

whiteandneutrals03The Coastal Clean Look of Neutrals
A neutral palette with crisp white accents has a clean, often coastal appeal that can be beautiful when executed successfully. I always recommend a neutral palette for a home going on the market because it looks clean, polished, and inviting to anyone’s sense of style. Here are 10 examples of various spaces with this classic palette.

10 Inspiring Ideas for a Coastal Living Room - HomeandEventStyling.com10 Inspiring Ideas for a Coastal Living Room
There are so many amazing textures and colors to be inspired by that it’s no surprise that coastal design is extremely popular. I have gathered 10 inspiring coastal living rooms that break the usual conventions of the style and combine other aesthetics (modern, eclectic, contemporary) to create something totally unique.

coastalbedroom910 Ideas for a Coastal Bedroom
It’s nice to bring the spirit of the coast back home with you and a great place to apply this wonderful style is in a bedroom. The coast has a naturally relaxing vibe, which is perfect for a bedroom retreat as that’s usually a place you want to unwind in after a long day. Here are various ideas for coastal bedrooms from traditional to contemporary and other styles in between.

10 Boldly Colorful Coastal Spaces | HomeandEventStyling.com10 Boldly Colorful Coastal Spaces
The first thought for coastal decor is often a light blue and white color palette with typical sea motifs. The truth is, coastal spaces can be just as bold and creative as any other style. Lately, I have been seeing many coastal spaces that have bold, vibrant color palettes and I am loving them. These following spaces certainly did not shy away from color.

moderncoastal02Home Tour: Modern Coastal Decor in the Hamptons
This vacation home took a different approach to coastal by using modern lines and elements. While the palette is quintessentially coastal in neutrals and subtle accents of blue, there are a mixture of modern and rustic touches that you don’t so often see in coastal homes. This home tour offers a lot of interesting elements that could have you thinking outside the coastal box.

I hope these coastal decor ideas inspire you.

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