10 Inspiring Laundry Room Ideas

The laundry room is the definition of utilitarian as far as function goes, but that doesn’t mean its design has to be. Just because it’s a place where chores are done doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful. Even the most function-focused spaces should be a reflection of your style.

Just like any other space, you can take advantage of color, texture, pattern and other accents to liven up your laundry room design. It can flow with the rest of your home’s style or take on a look entirely its own. It’s a space to be creative in.

Here are 10 great laundry room ideas that show some of the fun things you can do with this space. They also offer some smart organizational ideas, which are a big part of a space like this.

Laundry Room Ideas

10 Inspiring Laundry Room Ideas | MeganMorrisBlog.comPretty pops of pink add a feminine touch to this laundry room. It contrasts nicely with the white backdrop and blue appliances.
Source: Style At Home

10 Inspiring Laundry Room Ideas | MeganMorrisBlog.comAn all grey palette is clean and contemporary.
Source: Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

10 Inspiring Laundry Room Ideas | MeganMorrisBlog.comChalkboard labels are a great way to help keep things organized and add some charm.
Source: Pottery Barn

10 Inspiring Laundry Room Ideas | MeganMorrisBlog.comCanvas laundry bins on wheels slip right under the counter to stay out of the way but still look chic.
Source: My Domaine

10 Inspiring Laundry Room Ideas | MeganMorrisBlog.comHow pretty are these soft green cabinets? The baskets bring some great texture to the space and help keep things organized.
Source: House Beautiful

10 Inspiring Laundry Room Ideas | MeganMorrisBlog.comA striped runner really brings this clean white living room to life with a punch of character.
Source: Thistlewood Farms

10 Inspiring Laundry Room Ideas | MeganMorrisBlog.comIf you like both a clean and bold palette, then this laundry room shows a great way to have a bit of both. The red rugs look wonderfully vibrant against the white palette.
Source: Refinery29

10 Inspiring Laundry Room Ideas | MeganMorrisBlog.comI love the rustic sink. The subtle garden touches like that and the shelf make this laundry room stylish and unique.
Source: Better Homes & Gardens

10 Inspiring Laundry Room Ideas | MeganMorrisBlog.comJust a bit of subway tile adds a modern flair to this clean and simple laundry room.
Source: Inside Out

10 Inspiring Laundry Room Ideas | MeganMorrisBlog.comSignage, like the label on the door and “laundry room rules” on the wall, are simple touches that make this space really special.
Source: House of Turquoise

Have these spaces inspired you to rethink how you see your laundry room?

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