Decorating with Patterns Round-Up

What I love about decorating with patterns is how transformative the smallest element can be. Just one accent pillow, area rug, or panel of curtains can bring so much life to a space when it’s dressed in a beautiful pattern. They also help add depth and visual interest to your decor.

There is an endless supply of patterns to choose from. From the classic and simple, such as stripes or polka dots, to the more elaborate such as toile, the wide selection can help you capture the exact style and feel you are trying to create in your home.

Here are 5 posts with tons of tips, ideas and inspiration on decorating with patterns.

Decorating with Patterns

pattern05How to Decorate with Pattern
Pattern is a great tool in design. It can liven up a space by giving it depth and personality. Even decorating with pattern in the smallest accent, such as a pillow, can elevate a room to completeness. Here are some tips and ideas on how to decorate with pattern in your home, as well as some ideas that can be applied to staging a home that is going on the market.

plaid0110 Fresh Takes on Decorating with Plaid
Plaid is one of those patterns that has been around for ages, but designers are putting a new spin on this classic pattern. I’m seeing it all over decorating magazines in fresh and chic ways that will make you look at it with a totally new perspective. It suits a myriad of styles, from contemporary to traditional. Check out all these interesting ideas for decorating with plaid.

polkadots0110 Stylish Ideas for Decorating with Polka Dots
Polka dots are such a simple, yet whimsical pattern. Though people often associate polka dots with baby clothes or little girls’ dresses, the truth is that these circles can be very chic in decor. It all comes down to color and how you choose to use them. Here are some stylish ideas for decorating with polka dots that will help you see this pattern in a different way.

Herringbone: Turning the Tile | HomeandEventStyling.comHerringbone: Turning the Tiles
Herringbone is classic in every sense of the word and supplies an engaging visual interest with just a simple turn of pattern. It has always been a popular arrangement for parquet flooring, but people have gotten creative with it over the years. One of the wonderful things about this pattern is how versatile it is. Enjoy these 10 spaces that used herringbone to great success.

toiledejouy07Toile de Jouy: A Timeless Pattern
Toile de jouy (or often simply known as toile) has been around for centuries and is still popular in interior design today. The pattern consists of a white or off-white background on which a repeated pattern depicts a scene, usually of a pastoral nature. It has a very sophisticated look that is timeless. Here are 10 examples of toile de jouy done right.

Can you think of a space in your home that could benefit from a hint of pattern?

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