Giving Your Home Character Round-Up

Giving a home character is all about giving it some soul. It’s all the special elements that set it apart from the others, giving it its own personality and story to tell. A century ago, homes were built with more character than the typical home of today, but that doesn’t mean that a new home ─ even a “track” home ─ can’t be full of character.

There are a multitude of ways you can give a home character, many of which are DIY projects you can take on yourself with little to no monetary investment. From smaller projects like hardware to larger projects like a stone feature, there is something to fit every style and budget.

Here is a round-up of ideas for giving your home character that will elevate its charm and individuality.

woodslabs01The Rustic Character of Wood Slabs
One decorative element that is particularly rustic in character is a wood slab. Wood slabs are pieces of wood that retain a very natural shape and grain. Each one is different and unique, making them a great conversation piece for your home. They come in all different sizes and can be used in many creative ways. Check out these 10 beautiful wood slabs in the home.

stone01Creating Character with Stone Decor
The most well put-together spaces are usually layered with interesting texture, and there is no better place to discover texture than in nature itself. Stone is one of my favorite materials to work with in design. It is so versatile and brings so much character to a space. Take a look at these 10 ideas to get inspired by the amazing look of stone decor.

wallpaperaccents08Creating Character with Wallpaper Accents
Wallpaper can do amazing things for a space, such as introduce color, texture, and pattern and most of all: character. There are choices out there to fit every budget and it’s a great DIY project for the weekend warrior. A little bit can go a long way when used cleverly. These spaces all show how that is possible with wallpaper accents that infuse character and style.

beadboard02How to Add Character with Beadboard
Beadboard is one of the best and most affordable ways to add character to a home. It’s a timeless look that has been around for decades but never seems to go out of style. It’s a great DIY project for the weekend if you want to quickly add some charm to a space. To give you some ideas, here are 10 ways to add character to your home with beadboard.

updateyourdoors0810 Ways to Update Your Doors with Character
Interior doors can provide as much style to a space as any other element that it possesses. They are a great opportunity to bring some character and charm to your home in an easy way. Your doors can go from drab to fab and make a statement that will add personality to the entire space. Here are 10 ways to update your doors with character.

Quick Character for Your Kitchen Cabinets | HomeandEventStyling.comQuick Character for Your Kitchen Cabinets
Giving your kitchen cabinets an extra dose of character can be as easy as an afternoon project. One of my favorite tricks for spicing up your cabinets without switching them out or giving them a new finish is simply transforming the inside of your cabinets. Giving this often ignored space a pop of color or pattern (or both) will infuse the entire kitchen with new life.

I hope these ideas have inspired you!

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