Bold Color Ideas Round-Up

Check out this round-up of bold color ideas to help you give your home a splash of color! |

Color has more power in design than any other element. It affects the way we feel and tells us where to put our attention as soon as we walk into a space. So, if you want to make a splash with your decor, using bold color is definitely an effective way to do so.

While many people tend to shy away from bold colors for fear of being “too flashy,” they may be surprised to find that bold color can mean a variety of different things and be used in a myriad of ways. Sometimes, even just a small accent in a bold color can be exactly the thing a room needs to give it that little something extra. Or, maybe it’s painting an accent wall behind the bed or the back of a bookcase to make the books pop. There are so many cool things you can do with bold color.

Here are 6 posts that show some of the many ways you can use bold color to bring a space to life.

boldcolorwalls5Bold and the Beautiful: Colorful Walls
Painting walls in a bold color can be an intimidating idea for some homeowners because “overwhelming” a space is a concern. The truth is, with smart design, even the boldest colors can look amazing in a room without ever feeling like it’s too much. The trick is to pair it with the right elements. Here are some examples of some beautiful rooms with bold walls.

colorfulaccentwall10For the Love of Bright, Colorful Accent Walls
Painting bright colors on the wall is perhaps the biggest statement you can make about your love for color. One way to ease into this is by painting an accent wall or two instead of an entire space to incorporate that bold pop of color you adore. These 10 spaces took the plunge with bright, colorful accent walls and brought a ton of character to their spaces in the process.

10 Boldly Colorful Coastal Spaces | HomeandEventStyling.com10 Boldly Colorful Coastal Spaces
The first thought for coastal decor is often a light blue and white color palette with typical sea motifs. The truth is, coastal spaces can be just as bold and creative as any other style. Recently, I have been seeing some coastal spaces that have bold, vibrant color palettes and I am loving them. These following spaces certainly did not shy away from color.

colorfuldiningrooms09Going Bold with Colorful Dining Rooms
Dining rooms offer a great opportunity to play with color. Since they are typically separated from the rest of the house, you can play around a little bit with style and make this space unique. It also makes it easy to experiment with color in bold, unexpected ways. Here are 10 examples of bold, colorful dining rooms that use color in creative ways.

colorfulsofa04Decorating with a Colorful Sofa
When it’s time to pick out a sofa for a space, it’s common to gravitate toward neutral-colored sofas. However, if you’re feeling bold and even a little bit daring, amazing things can happen in a space when a colorful sofa is introduced. A colorful sofa can add a lot of personality and charm to a room. Check out these great examples of decorating with a colorful sofa.

colorfulinteriordoors04Creative and Colorful Interior Doors
It’s easy to think of common architectural elements like interior doors as something that blends into the background, but the truth about design is that any element can be turned into an active participant in decor. There are a whole myriad of ideas for you to try to bring those doors alive with character and personality. Here are 10 creative and colorful interior doors to inspire you.

I hope these posts inspired you to look at bold color in a whole new light.

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