Kids Space Ideas Round-Up

Kids Space Ideas Round-Up |

Kids rooms are some of the most fun and imaginative spaces to decorate. I always have fun working on these projects. There are no boundaries, no limits, and no rules when it comes to the design possibilities. The only requirement is to use your imagination.

You can get really creative with color, pattern, and texture in a kids space. I love to incorporate artistic elements such as murals and three-dimensional structures. Even the more simpler spaces can be spectacular. It’s all about giving the child that lives in it a space that will inspire them every day.

Here are 4 posts full of ideas for making a kids space more magical.

kidsplayarea110 Fun Ideas for a Kids Play Room
Any parent knows that if you have space for a playroom in your home, they’re a great addition for kids. It gets their toys out of their bedroom and not only helps keep that space clean, but also designates it for sleeping so kids aren’t inclined to stay up past bedtime. Here are 10 ideas for playrooms that will have your and your kids’ imaginations going wild.

kidswalltreatments08Creative Kids Room Wall Treatments
Kids rooms are a great opportunity to have fun with pattern, color, and artistic themes. One of the places on which you can get most creative is the walls. They are big, blank canvases that are just waiting for your imagination to bring them to life. There are so many fun ideas for kids room wall treatments out there. I gathered 10 of my favorites to inspire you here.

kidsbathrooms04Kids Bathroom Decorating Ideas
Besides their bedrooms and play areas, another great space to add a childish spirit to is their bathroom. If you make this a space they love, they might be less likely to fight you on bath time and brushing their teeth. The first thing to do is ask them what they would personally like to see in their bathroom decor. Here are 10 decorating ideas for a kids’ bathroom to inspire you.

littleboysroom3Creative Ideas for Little Boys Bedrooms
Decorating kids’ rooms are some of the most fun projects any designer or homeowner can have. You can get wildly creative with these rooms and let the kid inside you come out to play. Everything from automobiles to space to pirates are represented in these super cool and creative bedrooms for boys. Besides great theming, they also have great organization.

Kids spaces are the most rewarding to decorate. Not only do the kids immensely appreciate them, but you’ll be reminded what it’s like to be a kid while you’re decorating it.

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