Does Your Entrance Say “Welcome”?

The first impression of a home starts from the street. Everything about the home’s exterior plays a part in telling its story to a guest or potential buyer when they drive up. Even the smallest elements have an impact on the overall impression.

My first piece of advice whenever someone is thinking of sprucing up their home or putting it on the market is to go out to the street and look back on your property. Really look at it as a whole and then at each individual detail. What is it missing? What could be improved? What would you like to accentuate more?

Then, slowly walk up the driveway and to the front door, looking at everything. You’ll be amazed at what you spot when you take the time to do this.

Here are some more tips on improving your home’s entrance and making sure it says “welcome” from curb appeal to front porch.

Does Your Entrance Say "Welcome"? | #curbappeal #entryway #mailboxMAILBOX ─ Make sure the mailbox is clean, in good shape, and the numbers on the side are clear. If it has seen better days, refurbish it with a coat of paint or replace it altogether.
Source: Home Depot

Does Your Entrance Say "Welcome"? | #curbappeal #entryway #drivewayDRIVEWAY ─ Fill in any cracks in the driveway and pressure-wash off the stains it has accumulated over time.
Source: Better Homes & Gardens

Does Your Entrance Say "Welcome"? | #curbappeal #entryway #landscapingLAWN ─ If your grass is patchy or brown, bring it back to life with fertilizer or re-sod if necessary.
Source: Better Homes & Gardens

Does Your Entrance Say "Welcome"? | #curbappeal #entryway #landscapingLANDSCAPING ─ Clean out any weeds and dead plants and trim the bushes. If anything is hanging too far into the path or blocking any windows, consider removing them altogether. Also trim off any dead branches on palm trees.
Source: Better Homes & Gardens

Does Your Entrance Say "Welcome"? | #curbappeal #entrywayPATHWAY ─ Like the driveway, patch up any cracks and pressure-wash it. If you don’t already have lights following the path, consider installing some. You can get solar ones very inexpensively and they look great at night.
Source: Better Homes & Gardens

Does Your Entrance Say "Welcome"? | #curbappeal #entrywayHOUSE NUMBERS ─ Your house numbers should be very visible from the street and in good shape. Consider polishing, repainting, or replacing them altogether if they’ve seen better days or are simply outdated.
Source: Country Living

Does Your Entrance Say "Welcome"? | #curbappeal #entrywayPORCH ─ Look for any needed repairs on the porch, such as in the flooring, pillars, roof, or facade. Clean out cob webs and bug residue. This is another area that may need pressure-washing to be spruced up.
Source: Better Homes & Gardens

Does Your Entrance Say "Welcome"? | #curbappeal #entrywayFRONT DOOR ─ Check to see if there is any weather damage or wear and tear on the door(s). Could it do with a new coat of paint? Maybe a new knob? Perhaps the trim just needs some refreshing.
Source: Better Home & Gardens

Does Your Entrance Say "Welcome"? | #curbappeal #entrywayLIGHTING ─ Exterior lights can get worn out from dirt, bugs, and weather. If your house is older, it may be an outdated fixture, too. Consider cleaning it up or replacing it with something new.
Source: Real Simple

Does Your Entrance Say "Welcome"? | #curbappeal #entrywayDECOR ─ I recommend keeping things simple in terms of decor, such as a welcome mat, a potted plant or two, and a few pieces of furniture if you have a porch. These elements can make it feel a lot more inviting without crowding the space.
Source: Better Homes & Gardens

Looking at your home from a guest or buyer’s standpoint can reveal a lot of things you may have overlooked. Even the smallest elements can make a big difference.

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