Black and White Decor Round-Up

Fall in love with the look of black and white and get ideas for incorporating this classic palette into your home with this round-up of inspiration!

Black and white is one of my favorite color combinations. It is my go-to for chic and elegant design that is not only classic, but incredibly versatile.

The only limits to black and white are your imagination. What is most inspiring about this palette is how versatile it can be, able to suit any style you can imagine from rustic to modern, bold to simplistic. No matter the style, it will provide a flair to the space that is truly timeless.

Given that black and white are both neutrals, you can also get that streamlined appeal even in home staging. It’s easy to accent the palette with whatever color you’d like. You can even change them out depending on your mood or the seasons.

Here are 5 posts featuring black and white decor to inspire you.

decoratingwithstripes2Decorating with Black and White Stripes
f you are someone who loves clean lines and timeless style, then stripes are the perfect way to add some visual interest to a space. Perhaps the most notable color scheme for stripes is black and white. They go with any pop of color you can think of and can make any boring space feel chic and fabulous. Here are some fun ideas for black and white stripes to inspire your own home decor.

The Bold Neutral Look of Black & White Bedrooms | HomeandEventStyling.comThe Bold Neutral Look of Black and White Bedrooms
When some people hear the word “neutral” in relation to decorating, they often think this means a color palette that is bland and dull. Neutrals can be anything but when done correctly, but a surefire way to capture a bold, chic look is to go with a neutral pairing that is often forgotten even falls into this category: black and white. Here are 10 fabulous black and white bedrooms.

blackandwhitebacksplash09Kitchens with a Black and White Backsplash
One of the best places to take advantage of the classic look of black and white is in the kitchen, especially the backsplash. A black and white backsplash is neutral enough to pair with just about any color or style of cabinet and can give it that extra pop of character you’ve been looking for. Here are 10 great examples of black and white backsplashes in the kitchen.

blackandwhitewallart04Decorating with Black and White Wall Art
Black and white wall art has a chic, classic appeal that can work well in practically any space regardless of color palette and style. It’s this versatility that makes it a great asset in decorating and home staging. It can also add some really sophisticated charm to any space you adorn with it.  Here are ten spaces that show the stylish effect black and white wall art can have on any space.

blackandwhitedining05Black and White Dining Rooms
Black and white is a timeless pairing that can create classic and elegant design. It is suitable to any style of design and can be as bold or subtle as your tastes prefer. Dining rooms typically have a more sophisticated vibe which black and white can capture beautifully. Here is a collection of 10 black and white dining rooms that show a wide range in taste and style.

One thing is for sure: black and white never goes out of style.

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