Masculine Spaces Round-Up

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Bachelor pads have gone through an evolution of style over the years, reaching a place today that is modern and stylish with a distinct edge. It’s all about achieving style without looking like you’ve tried. Earthy tones, rich textures, and simple lines are all common among the modern bachelor pad.

These five posts share ideas for accomplishing that signature look in your own home. There is a great range of ideas here, from the very streamlined to the more eccentric approach. A businessman on Wall Street and a rockstar in LA could equally find inspiration in these masculine spaces.

Modern Masculine Design: The New Bachelor Pad | HomeandEventStyling.comModern Masculine Design: The New Bachelor Pad
Gone are the days of the old-fashioned bachelor pad. Now, it’s all about the sleek look of the stylish man’s abode. This look consists of clean lines, rich color palettes and strong textures. What I love about modern masculine design is how its style is classic and can be appreciated by both genders. These 10 rooms perfectly exemplify this style and its inspiring versatility.

masculinestudio02Home Tour: A Masculine Studio Apartment
Decorating a studio apartment limited in square footage is a challenge, but the right choices in furniture and arrangement of that furniture can be the difference between a cramped space and one that will fool people into believing there is more space there than there truly is. This masculine studio apartment in New York City got every element right.

Home Tour: John Mayer's Contemporary Pad | HomeandEventStyling.comHome Tour: John Mayer’s Modern Pad
Musician John Mayer’s NYC apartment is hip and modern. Decorated by the Armani/Casa team, it’s dominated by earthy neutrals on a mostly white palette. It embraces a minimalist sensibility and captures the modern masculine vibe. This home tour shows how to create a modern, streamlined look without sacrificing warmth or personality.

benjimadden07Home Tour: Benji Madden’s Surprisingly Simple Rockstar Pad
Musician Benji Madden’s home is a great example of minimalist style with a relaxing atmosphere. Madden said that he wanted his home to be a calming retreat, a place to come home to that was simple and comfortable after his crazy-filled days as a rockstar. Check out this inspiring home tour to see if he achieved it.

Home Tour: Ben Mackenzie Eclectic Hollywood Hills Abode | HomeandEventStyling.comHome Tour: Ben Mackenzie’s Eclectic Hollywood Hills Abode
Actor Ben Mackenzie’s home has a wonderfully rustic, though modern vibe to it. A wonderful mixture of texture and pattern brings the home to life, not to mention just the right pops of color. It’s a great lesson in layering texture and infusing color in a relaxed way. Enjoy this inspiring, easy-on-the-eyes home tour.

Home Tour: Josh Flagg's Million Dollar Listing | HomeandEventStyling.comHome Tour: Josh Flagg’s Million Dollar Listing
Josh Flagg is known for selling luxury properties on Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing LA, but his own million dollar listing is a collector’s dream. His home is a great reflection of how to mix a variety of different aesthetics into one unique palette. See this prime example of how collecting from various sources can create your own unique vibe.

Stay tuned for a roundup of feminine spaces coming soon.

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