DIY Halloween Project: Candy Towers

How to make candy towers, a fun Halloween DIY project for the family. Click through to see the tutorial at!Halloween is one of my and my family’s favorite holidays. Besides dressing up and decorating the house, we also love all the fun, creative projects we get to do that are inspired by the holiday.

One of my favorite DIY Halloween projects are candy towers. They are super easy and inexpensive to make and look great when they’re finished. They are also very versatile because you can choose the colors of the candy wrappers and shape of the vases to make them your own.

You can do this project in an afternoon with your family or even create a party around it. Kids love bringing their own candy to mix and match to turn into towers.

Here is the easy step-by-step tutorial for creating your own candy towers:

Step 1: Choose large, clear vases to hold the candy. Tall, round vases work the best, but other shapes can work well, too, depending on the type of candy you choose.

How to make candy towers, a fun Halloween DIY project for the family. Click through to see the tutorial at!


Step 2: Select a large assortment of candy. Some candies are better for stacking than others because they more evenly lay in the towers. Candies such as nerds and milk duds come in small boxes, making them perfect candidates. These boxes can be sorted by color and stacked horizontal one time and then vertical a few rows later.  Large gum balls in a single row stack well and laffy taffy can me molded to the curve of the bowl if round.




Step 3: Pack them tightly to prevent shifting. I like to face all the candy going the same direction for a more fluid look.





Step 4: To top off the towers, gumballs, M&M’s, jelly beans, Hershey’s Kisses, and candy corn work really well. I think it looks best to use a loose top of solid color or something similar, such as candy corn.




This project is a ton of fun to do and makes a dramatic table setting to a Halloween party. They are also great for the trick or treaters to see as they enter your home.

You can even get creative with them and mix in other elements. Let your imagination take over.

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