Bathroom Ideas Round-Up: Part II

Bathroom Ideas Round-Up: Part II |

Last week, I posted the first part of my round-up of bathroom ideas. In this second part, you’ll find some more specific ideas that are creative and think outside the box from what you may normally expect to find in bathroom decor. I love design that innovates and pushes your imagination. These posts certainly offer ideas that do just that.

openbathroom07Master Suites with an Open Bathroom
A unique open concept layout that is cropping up more and more is a master suite with an open bathroom. Basically, there are no doors separating the bathroom and the bedroom. While the set-up isn’t for everyone, for some it offers a flow that they are more attracted to than the traditional set-up. Take a look at these 10 master suites with open bathrooms to see for yourself.

bathroomgreenery01Creating a Spa-like Oasis with Bathroom Greenery
Nature is a powerful element to decorate with. It has a natural beauty that can elevate any space, regardless of the style. Most people love a spa-like feel in the bathroom. Including greenery in your bathroom can capture this vibe in a quick, easy, and often inexpensive way. Check out these 10 examples of bathroom greenery to get some ideas and inspiration.

bathroomsinks0310 Creative Ideas for Bathroom Sinks
Over the years, I’ve seen some really creative ideas for bathroom sinks. I love how something so functional and common can be turned into a truly unique design element in a space. The sink can easily be a statement piece around which the entire bathroom is inspired. Here are 10 ideas for bathroom sinks that are refreshing and unconventional.

bathroomsexposedbrick02Bathrooms with Exposed Brick Walls
Exposed brick brings a lot of texture and character to a space, regardless of the room. Even the bathroom can benefit by its effortless charm. Whether it’s all the walls, just an accent wall, or even just a corner, exposed brick makes a space feel more authentic and full of history. Here are 10 examples of bathrooms with exposed brick walls to inspire you.

bathroomfireplaces5Fire & Water: Inspiring Bathroom Fireplace Ideas
One of the most popular bathroom upgrades is a fireplace, especially in colder climates during the winter months. There are many ways to incorporate a fireplace into a bathroom, large or small, whether you would like it to be a focal point or blend seamlessly into the design. Whatever your preference, here are some bathroom fireplace ideas to inspire you.

10 Chic Bathroom Chandeliers | HomeandEventStyling.com10 Chic Bathroom Chandeliers
The bathroom is one room in a home that can always benefit from a touch of glamour. One very simple way to do this is by incorporating a chandelier into the space. Not only do the up the “wow” factor, but they also generally make the space feel more unique and luxurious. Here are 10 examples of bathroom chandeliers in a range of styles, from the simple to the grandiose.

What is your favorite from these unique bathroom ideas? Are you feeling inspired?

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