Bathroom Ideas Round-Up: Part I

Round-up of fabulous bathroom ideas for your home |

Thinking of remodeling your bathroom or just want to spruce it up a bit? These next two round-ups have got you covered. Simple decorating and organizing tips will show you how to bring charm to any bathroom in quick and affordable ways, and if you’re looking to tackle a bigger project, these posts are chalk-full of inspiration.

bathroomstyling510 Tips for Styling a Bathroom
With some simple tricks, you can make every bathroom in your home feel like it’s a part of a luxury hotel suite. The extra layer of decor on top of the major fixtures are what take a bathroom from pretty to luxurious, giving it an important dose of warmth. Here are some ideas for styling a bathroom, from chic decor to making the most of a small space.

powderbathroom07Powder Bathroom Decorating Ideas
Powder baths, also known as half-baths, are bathrooms without a tub or shower. These spaces are some of the most fun and easy to decorate because they can have their own identity. You can get very creative in a powder bath with color, texture, and style since it isn’t attached to a bedroom. Here are 10 powder bathroom decorating ideas and tips to inspire you.

bathroomvanity0110 Bathroom Vanity Ideas
The bathroom vanity can usually be considered the focal point of a bathroom. It is usually the first thing to draw your eye and makes a statement about the style of the space. There are many ways to enhance the storage in your vanity and make the most of small spaces. Here are a variety of bathroom vanity ideas that show the many possibilities that can be achieved.

bathtubs0310 Bathrooms Where a Freestanding Tub is the Star
Nothing says ‘character’ in a bathroom quite as much as a freestanding tub. There is something special about them that makes any bathroom featuring one feel instantly more elegant. They come in many different colors and finishes that let you truly customize the look of the tub and make it the star of the bathroom. Here are 10 examples where the tub is the star.

whitebathrooms0910 Elegant White Bathrooms
One thing is true in design: white never goes out of style. Many hotel bathrooms have predominantly white color schemes due to its upscale appeal. White bathrooms are easy to pull off and very affordable to make the switch to, whether you plan on living in it or are hoping to attract more buyers. Here are 10 white bathrooms that are simple but refreshingly elegant.

Check back next week for round two of more bathroom ideas!

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