Decorating the Maximalist Way

We are always hearing about how to decorate with a minimalist sensibility which is all about simplicity. But what about the other end of the spectrum? For those of us who love a more eclectic space, it’s all about decorating the maximalist way.

Maximalist design doesn’t necessarily mean ‘cluttered’. It’s more about the use of lots of color, pattern and accessories to achieve an enlivened space full of character and charm. If you’re the type who loves to collect things and infuse your personality into every space, then maximalism could be the look for you.

This look is very versatile and can adapt to any style, from contemporary to traditional and beyond. Take a look at these 10 spaces that perfectly captured the maximalist sensibility.

Decorating the Maximalist Way | HomeandEventStyling.comNeutral, creamy walls and wall treatments allow the eclectic mix of colors and patterns in the furniture to shine without overwhelming the space.

Decorating the Maximalist Way | HomeandEventStyling.comVarious black and white patterns compliment each other in this chic living room.

Decorating the Maximalist Way | HomeandEventStyling.comA cheerful mix of bright colors and chic neutrals make this the perfect spot for spring gatherings.

Decorating the Maximalist Way | HomeandEventStyling.comRich blues and coral against a taupe palette makes this living room feel elegant yet cheerful.

Decorating the Maximalist Way | HomeandEventStyling.comAn artsy mixture of vintage finds and contemporary accents create a unique flavor.

Decorating the Maximalist Way | HomeandEventStyling.comRustic meets chic in this colorful dining room. The lucite chairs draw your attention to the beautiful weathered table.

Decorating the Maximalist Way | HomeandEventStyling.comOne thing this eat-in kitchen doesn’t lack is personality, full of amazing finds.

Decorating the Maximalist Way | HomeandEventStyling.comFor some extra panache on the bookcases, gold trim surrounds each individual shelf.

Decorating the Maximalist Way | HomeandEventStyling.comNothing pops against grey quite like the romantic color of fuchsia pulled from that amazing rug.

Decorating the Maximalist Way | HomeandEventStyling.comNo one ever said your chairs had to be the same. Here, a sitting area is wonderfully colorful and mismatched.

Which team are you on: team minimalist or team maximalist? Or perhaps somewhere in between?

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