10 Times Agate Decor Stunned

One of my favorite natural elements to decorate with is agate. This special stone is known for its fine grain, banded appearance and vibrant colors. It is truly stunning to behold and has picked up steam in the design world recently as an up-and-coming trend.

There are numerous way to incorporate agate decor into your home. It always impresses with its natural beauty, even in the smallest (or largest) of ways. Another cool thing about agate is that no matter what your color scheme is, there is most likely a piece that will fit right in with your home’s palette. You don’t even have to spend a fortune to have it in your home.

Here are ten times when agate decor absolutely stunned in a space. Get ready to fall in love with this incredible stone.

10 Times Agate Stunned | HomeandEventStyling.comThis polished agate accent wall is mesmerizing. It was a smart choice to keep the bathroom white except for that wall because your eye can’t be drawn anywhere else after that as a statement piece.

10 Times Agate Stunned | HomeandEventStyling.comAgate looks sophisticated and unique as a kitchen countertop, seen here in this contemporary space.

10 Times Agate Stunned | HomeandEventStyling.comThis emerald green agate lamp actually looks like it is in motion the way it explodes upward. So beautiful and eye-catching.

10 Times Agate Stunned | HomeandEventStyling.comA simple touch of agate in the form of these handles is a perfect touch for this coastal cabinet.

10 Times Agate Stunned | HomeandEventStyling.comHow adorable are these agate book ends? Each one is unique.

10 Times Agate Stunned | HomeandEventStyling.comA swirling print looks beautiful as a table runner, especially when complimenting the rustic wood.

10 Times Agate Stunned | HomeandEventStyling.comThere are various wallpapers printed with an agate pattern that really make an impression on an accent wall.

10 Times Agate Stunned | HomeandEventStyling.comThis stone is beautiful even in its own right, serving as an accent piece in a vignette.

10 Times Agate Stunned | HomeandEventStyling.comThe stone’s pattern looks abstract and contemporary when presented as a vibrant piece of wall art.

10 Times Agate Stunned | HomeandEventStyling.comHere is another example of a custom agate lamp, this time with a more subtle yet equally as lovely cut.

Have you decided where you would like to incorporate this stone in your home yet?

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