Blue Decor Round-Up

Blue Decor Round-Up |

As you will be able to tell from the following posts, blue is one of my favorite colors. As someone who has spent most of her life in close proximity to the coast, I’ve always found coastal tones to be very inspiring. No color captures that feeling of relaxation and rejuvenation quite as powerfully as blue.

Blue has so many benefits, from being a naturally calming color (no matter what tone or shade you use) to appealing to both genders. Its versatility leaves plenty of room for interpretation. If you want to infuse color into your home, blue is a great place to start, whether you want to go subtle or bold.

biminiblue1The Bimini Blues: Cerulean, Cobalt and Turquoise
Some time ago, I took a trip to Bimini and was so inspired by the shades of blue I saw there. Cobalt, cerulean and turquoise were the most prevalent and all three are so fresh and powerful as colors. They remind us all of vacationing on the beach, feeling refreshed and relaxed. Take a look at these inspiring spaces that capture the blues of Bimini.

The Best of Bold Blue Walls | HomeandEventStyling.comThe Best of Bold Blue Walls
Blue has long been one of my favorite colors to decorate with. It’s classic in every sense of the word. It is gender neutral, can be casual or elegant, and offers a range of beautiful shades and tones from the softest to the boldest. I’ve spoken many times about my love for this color and all the great ways it can be used in a space, but for this post, I focused on the impact of bold blue walls.

cobaltblue01The Eye-Catching Look of Cobalt Blue Decor
Cobalt blue has a naturally eye-catching appeal that adds beauty and style to any space. It brings life to any space it touches and pairs well with a variety of styles and other accent colors. If you are looking for a bold color that is also timeless and soothing, then cobalt blue could certainly fit that criteria. Here are ten spaces that feature cobalt blue decor.

bluekitchens09Beautiful Kitchens with Blue Cabinets
Being such a versatile color, there are many different tones of blue that capture various styles and character. While most people choose a neutral palette for the kitchen, the second most popular option would be blue. Blue cabinets can suit a number of looks and bring a lot of personality to the space. These examples show just how beautiful blue in the kitchen can be.

bluediningroom1Blue Dining Room Ideas
The color blue is so sophisticated, fresh, and inviting that it is a perfect choice for a dining room. Men like it, women like it, and it always brings an edge of class to whatever space it is used in.  I wanted to focus on using blue in a dining room because choosing a color scheme for that space is a challenge for many homeowners. Check out these inspiring blue dining room ideas.

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