10 Clever Hidden Storage Ideas

Everyone says it: I need more storage!

Sometimes, it can seem like it’s impossible to find any extra storage space in your home. You just see the unorganized stuff piling up. The truth is, I’ve seldom found a situation where more storage couldn’t be found. Sometimes, storage opportunities are in places you least expect to find them. That’s why it’s called hidden storage.

These clever spots are not only unexpected, but fit right into your home’s current landscape. They take advantage of areas that are already there, just waiting to be turned into something functional.

Here are 10 hidden storage ideas you can probably find in your own home right now.

10 Hidden Storage Ideas | HomeandEventStyling.comA handy cork board and chalk board slide to reveal hidden storage behind it, serving two functions at once.

10 Hidden Storage Ideas | HomeandEventStyling.comStorage beneath the bed is one of the best uses of dead space. These compartments from IKEA are on wheels for easy access and slide right under the bed.

10 Hidden Storage Ideas | HomeandEventStyling.comAt first, you think it’s just a stylish mirror, until you open it to reveal a cabinet perfect for storing your jewelry.

10 Hidden Storage Ideas | HomeandEventStyling.comYour coffee table is another easy place to hide storage. You can get a table like this one or even an ottoman that opens up.

10 Hidden Storage Ideas | HomeandEventStyling.comYou know that weird fake drawer below you sink? Turn it into an actual storage space with this handy DIY tutorial. Tutorial: Remodelholic

10 Hidden Storage Ideas | HomeandEventStyling.comGive yourself more free counter space by hiding things like the toaster, blender and even the microwave in the cabinets.

10 Hidden Storage Ideas | HomeandEventStyling.comThe corners of your kitchen island can be transformed into little nooks for storing cookbooks or kitchen items.

10 Hidden Storage Ideas | HomeandEventStyling.comThe backs of doors are large amounts of space just waiting to be used. You can hang a variety of different poles and hooks to hold anything from jewelry and scarfs to shoes and purses.

10 Hidden Storage Ideas | HomeandEventStyling.comIf you haven’t taken advantage of the space beneath your stairs yet, then you’re missing out on tons of ample storage space. This door not only hides a cubby, but it also offers shelf space for books and accessories.

10 Hidden Storage Ideas | HomeandEventStyling.comThis handy pull-out shelf is perfect for hiding away your toaster and keeping your kitchen counters cleaner.

Is your mind swimming with ideas now on where to find hidden storage in your own home? Have fun!

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