Staging Tips Round-Up: Part II

Staging Tips Round-Up: Part II | #realestate #moving #staging

It’s time for part two of my staging tips round-up! (Click here to read Part I.) Today, you’ll see five posts that address specific areas around your home, from the crucial first impression of the entryway to sealing the deal with your outdoor living.

These tips will all help you make the most of the various areas of your home that need to “wow” buyers. With some simple tricks, you can make your home stand out and help buyers fall in love with it. More often than not, staging a home helps it seller faster and for more money. I’ve personally see it happen time and time again.

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entryway01Staging an Entryway for a Great First Impression
When staging a home for sale, one of the most overlooked spots is often the entryway. It is the first spot any potential buyers will see when they walk into the home, so it is crucial that it make a strong, positive first impression. Here are some key components that will set a positive tone for the rest of the tour.

pantry10A Prettier Pantry: Tips for Staging a Pantry
The kitchen is one of the hottest areas in the house and its storage is a key component to how well a buyer will like it. The pantry always draws attention. Buyers will open the door and inspect inside, so it is important that the pantry is neat and organized and appears to have as much space as possible.

stagingamasterbedroom029 Tips for Staging a Master Bedroom
Most buyers are are looking for the master bedroom to be a retreat. You can help your buyers capture an emotional connection with the master bedroom by employing some smart staging tips to get their imaginations rolling. The space should be clean, uncluttered, and have a relaxing energy to it. Here are 9 tips for staging a master bedroom that will help buyers fall in love.

balconystaging110 Tips for Staging a Balcony
A balcony can be a great draw to a home on the market and give it that edge over the competition, so it is important to stage it well so buyers can see the potential in the space. Even the smallest balcony can be considered an asset, it is all in how you decorate and represent it. It doesn’t take a lot to spruce up a balcony and make it the inviting space that will delight buyers.

poolsidedecorating01Pool Area Decorating and Staging Tips
For buyers, a pool becomes an enticing luxury while house shopping in the summer. But never assume that just having the pool there is enough to sell it. Some buyers might need that extra nudge, since pools do require a bit of maintenance. One way you can do that is by staging the area with some smart decor. If you can sell the lifestyle, you are one step closer to selling the home.

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