Neutral Decorating Tips Round-Up

Neutrals can get a bad rap sometimes as being “boring,” but there are some beautiful spaces proving that to be untrue. The key to decorating with neutrals is to layer them with texture and pattern and (if you want) the right pops of color. With a creative eye, the result can be chic and elegant.

If you are selling your home, I always recommend that you neutralize your home as much as possible. It’s an important part of the de-personalizing process to give your home that blank slate buyers need, so they can imagine their own tastes in place of it. Neutrals aren’t just great for sellers, though; your own residence can be made beautiful with neutrals.

Here are 5 blog posts with neutral decorating tips to inspire you.

Best Colors to Pair with Neutrals: Yellow6 Best Colors to Pair with Neutrals
Decorating your home with neutrals has many benefits. If you’re selling, they will appeal to a higher number of buyers. As a homeowner, neutrals give you the opportunity to change accent colors out whenever you feel the desire for a change. Here are six accent colors that work beautifully with neutrals, whether you’re selling your home or staying for the long haul.

neutralswithblack09The Elegant Look of Neutrals Accented with Black
One of my favorite tricks with neutrals is to incorporate black. Black is a neutral itself, but against lighter creams and whites or grays, it can give a room a bold punch without incorporating an ounce of color. It also supplies a nice dose of sophistication that will make the space feel more high-end. Check out these great example of neutrals accented with black.

whiteandneutrals08The Coastal Clean Look of White and Neutrals
A neutral palette with crisp white accents has a clean, often coastal appeal that can be beautiful when executed successfully. The key to decorating with white and neutrals is to incorporate pattern, texture and layering of tones to bring depth and interest to the space. Here are 10 examples of various spaces with this classic palette.

Light Gray Cabinets5 Great Neutral Paint Colors for Kitchen Cabinets
One of the best ways to update your kitchen is to paint the cabinets. Many people prefer a neutral color for the cabinets, especially if you plan on selling your home and want to attract the most number of buyers. With these neutral colors, you can thing bring in pops of color in other areas of the kitchen such as on the walls and in the accessories.

neutralbedroom02Neutral Bedroom Ideas for Selling
One of the most important areas of the home to keep gender neutral when selling is the bedroom. You want buyers to get a relaxing vibe from this space that says retreat to them and it should appeal to both genders equally. Here are 10 neutral bedroom ideas with some tips on how you can accomplish this any home about to go on the market.

I hope these posts have you looking at neutrals in a whole different light.

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