Kitchen Tips + Ideas Round-Up: Part I

Kitchen Tips & Ideas Round-Up: Part I |

The kitchen is one of the most beloved rooms in a home. It tends to be where everyone gathers, so you want it to be stylish, and it definitely needs to be functional. I have written many posts on decorating and organizing for kitchens, so this round-up with be split into at least three parts. (When it comes to kitchen tips, I say the more the merrier!)

With these tips and ideas, you’ll be on your way to a more stylish and functional kitchen. All of these ideas are simple and easy to implement, even on a budget. Enjoy!

kitchenupdates07Low-Cost, Easy Kitchen Updates
Whether you are buying, selling or fixing up your current home for better living, the kitchen is one of the most important areas to focus on. There are plenty of  updates that are easy on your budget and easy to execute. If your kitchen is in good shape and just needs a fresh look, try some of these easy kitchen updates. If you’re selling your home soon, you’ll find these especially useful.

kitchendecor0810 Ideas for a Stylish Kitchen
There are many elements that create a stylish kitchen, but it’s the details that really bring a kitchen to life and make it feel like a home. Whether you are living there or staging it for sale, the right decor can bring the space to the next level with color, character and warmth. Here are 10 ideas for stylish kitchen decor that will hopefully inspire you for your own space.

Quick Character for Your Kitchen Cabinets | HomeandEventStyling.comQuick Character for Your Kitchen Cabinets
One of my favorite tricks for spicing up your cabinets without switching them out or giving them a new finish is simply transforming the inside of your cabinets. Giving this often ignored space a pop of color or pattern (or both) will infuse the entire kitchen with new life. To get a better idea of what this look can accomplish, take a look at these 10 charming kitchens.

kitchenrug02Adding Style to Your Kitchen with a Rug
One of the most overlooked spots to improve with a rug is the kitchen. Rugs can add warmth, color and texture to a space and help areas with heavy foot traffic, making them a great asset to the space in front of the sink, for example. They also lead the eye through the space and make it feel more complete. Here are 10 examples of how a kitchen rug can improve the style of the space.

smallkitchen03How to Make the Most of a Small Kitchen
Small kitchens can be very functional and high on style. With some simple improvements you can make the most of a small kitchen and take it from an annoyance to a gem. Here are some tips and ideas on how to make the most of a small kitchen, using the space in clever ways and bringing style to it that will make you forget all about its limited square footage.

kitchenstorage0810 Kitchen Storage Ideas You’ll Want to Steal
One room in the house you can never have too much storage in is the kitchen. I have gathered 10 of my favorite kitchen storage ideas that definitely help with just that. Some you may have already thought of, while others could truly be that eureka! moment you’ve been needing. All of them help make a more dynamic kitchen.

Stay tuned for Part II coming next week!

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