Refresh Your Porch for Spring

Spring is the best time of year to give your outdoor space a makeover. Everything is in bloom, so it’s a great time to update your landscaping and give your outdoor living space a fresh look. There are some simple tricks to updating your porch or patio that are both quick and affordable. Introducing color, comfort and greenery and even rethinking the layout are some quick fixes that go a long way.

The following spaces are all fresh and full of life. They offer some great ideas and I’ve included some tips along the way to help you pull some inspiration for your own outdoor living area.

Refresh Your Porch for Spring | HomeandEventStyling.comA colorful outdoor area rug is a great way to define an area and infuse it with color. Introduce a variety of plants in pretty pots to get a garden feel.

Refresh Your Porch for Spring | HomeandEventStyling.comGet creative with your seating. This daybed brings a unique, cottage vibe to this outdoor space.

Refresh Your Porch for Spring | HomeandEventStyling.comNew table settings are inexpensive and can totally transform your table. To save money, use white plates and only switch out the table runner, napkins and centerpiece.

Refresh Your Porch for Spring | HomeandEventStyling.comPillows aren’t only for the inside ─ they add a ton of comfort and style to your outdoor living areas, too.

Refresh Your Porch for Spring | HomeandEventStyling.comSwitch out your cushions to a bold new color to transform the palette. Don’t shy away from hanging art on the walls or even a chic mirror to make it feel more cozy.

Refresh Your Porch for Spring | HomeandEventStyling.comString lights add a festive vibe to any outdoor space and can be purchased very inexpensively.

Refresh Your Porch for Spring | HomeandEventStyling.comIf you are feeling bold and want a change, painting the ceiling could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Refresh Your Porch for Spring | HomeandEventStyling.comStriped lanterns add a chic, festive appeal and take only minutes to hang.

Refresh Your Porch for Spring | HomeandEventStyling.comSimple touches like lanterns and a basket for towels will make you feel like you’re at an upscale resort.

Refresh Your Porch for Spring | HomeandEventStyling.comThe yellow wooden screen is an easy touch that helps define this adorable outdoor vignette.

What are your plans to update your outdoor space this spring?

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