Armoires: Are They Still In Style?

Armoires have been a useful piece of furniture for centuries. Once used mainly as wardrobes, they have taken on many different purposes over the years as our needs have changed. Though they still work beautifully as extra storage for clothes and accessories in spaces with limited closet space, they also can solve a myriad of other issues. For a while, people used them to hide their big, bulky television sets. Even though they aren’t so bulky anymore, armoires still work as excellant entertainment cabinets if your television room also serves as a sitting room.

That’s the whole point of an armoire: to provide storage in a beautiful, stylish manner. What looks like just a decorative piece of furniture hides away all the things you don’t want to see, or have no space for elsewhere. You may be surprised by just how many solutions this one piece of furniture can solve in your home. Take a look at these inspiring ideas…

The right armoire can provide a lot of character to a space, not to mention extra storage.

This antique armoire works perfectly alongside a dining room table for entertaining.

An armoire can also be a really stylish alternative to a bookcase.

In a living room, an armoire is the perfect way to hide a television and all its accouterments.

This armoire was turned into a mini office space, complete with chalkboard doors for tiny hands to scribble on.

If you need extra pantry space, an armoire can be fashioned into extra storage space in your kitchen.

An armoire is a stylish spot to store shoes and other accessories to maximize your closet space.

In the bathroom, an armoire can hold towels and other toiletries to free up space in your cabinets and on your countertops.

Store winter clothes and hide away the television in a bedroom with a beautiful armoire.

This one isn’t actually an armoire, but rather a clever doorway that leads to a secret room.

Armoires have hardly gone out of style and can serve a multitude of purposes to add extra storage and style to any space.

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