10 Great Ideas for Garage Doors

There is no denying that curb appeal is a very important part of a home, especially if you are planning to sell. You definitely want to make an impression to neighbors and guests (or potential buyers) that your home is well taken care of and adds value to the community. If you have a garage, it takes up a lot of that curb appeal. Many think of this as such a functional part of the home that they forget how much they can actually do to make this as valuable to the aesthetic as any other part of the exterior.

From paint to landscaping to alternative doors, there is a lot you can do to make your garage doors one of the most charming parts of your home’s exterior. Here are some creative ideas for garage doors to inspire you…

10 Great Ideas for Garage Doors | HomeandEventStyling.comAllowing greenery to grow around this garage door gives the home extra character. The glossy black paint also makes it extra luxurious.

10 Great Ideas for Garage Doors | HomeandEventStyling.comWooden doors with glass insets gives this garage the look of a barn for some rustic charm.

10 Great Ideas for Garage Doors | HomeandEventStyling.comHere is another example of a garage with barn doors, this time with a more traditional flair.

10 Great Ideas for Garage Doors | HomeandEventStyling.comFor someone with a love of contemporary style and individuality, this folding garage door makes an artistic statement that is unique and memorable.

10 Great Ideas for Garage Doors | HomeandEventStyling.comCarriage doors bring a lot of upscale, European flavor to this picturesque driveway.

10 Great Ideas for Garage Doors | HomeandEventStyling.comAn awning over the garage doors and front doors provide an extra architectural element to the home’s exterior.

10 Great Ideas for Garage Doors | HomeandEventStyling.comThese carriage doors have a stately appeal that fits the traditional aesthetic of this classic home.

10 Great Ideas for Garage Doors | HomeandEventStyling.comPainting your garage doors in a stylish color can add some life to your exterior and give your home its own unique flair.

10 Great Ideas for Garage Doors | HomeandEventStyling.comMatching the front doors to the front door in a polished black really synchronizew the aesthetic and feels classic, yet contemporary.

10 Great Ideas for Garage Doors | HomeandEventStyling.comIf you prefer a more streamlined look, you may love this home’s “hidden” garage door that blends right into the facade.

Don’t overlook your garage door’s potential. You could be missing out on an opportunity to add more character to your home’s exterior.

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