Foo Dogs in Home Decor

Foo dogs have been around for centuries ─ in fact, they date all the way back to ancient China.  You have probably seen them many times over the years, but did you know these popular statues are more than just decorative accessories? Their original purpose was actually to serve as protective decor. In the beginning, they were quite large, seen flanking the doorways of the outside of the home and gradually moved to the interior as smaller decorative pieces, as well. Though we call them foo dogs now, they are actually lions. In China, they are called shi, meaning “lion,” or shishi, meaning “stone lion,” but their resemblance to some breeds of dogs led them to be called what they are known widely as today.

You may have noticed that they are almost always seen in pairs. This is because one is a male and one is a female; the former holds a ball under his paw, while the female holds a puppy. The female represents yin and protects those living inside the home, while the male represents yang and protects the building itself. Their meaningful symbolism and charming design have kept foo dogs prevalent in decor for centuries.

Foo Dogs in Home Decor | HomeandEventStyling.comFoo dogs come in many colors and are easy to spray paint to fully customize them to your decor. Blue and turquoise are popular colors to find them in.

Foo Dogs in Home Decor | HomeandEventStyling.comThis beautifully painted foo dog serves as the perfect bookend and adds some personality to the shelf.

Foo Dogs in Home Decor | HomeandEventStyling.comA pair of white foo dogs look charming on this vignette and add a bit of whimsy without cluttering the surface.

Foo Dogs in Home Decor | HomeandEventStyling.comThe statues work great on a tablescape, as well, fitting right into the centerpiece for a dose of color and charm.

Foo Dogs in Home Decor | HomeandEventStyling.comSince they usually come in pairs, they work well on a vignette that needs symmetry.

Foo Dogs in Home Decor | HomeandEventStyling.comBesides statues, foo dogs can also be found as lamps, as seen on this elegant console table.

Foo Dogs in Home Decor | HomeandEventStyling.comHere is another pair as bookends, bringing some color and character to the shelves to keep things interesting.

Foo Dogs in Home Decor | HomeandEventStyling.comThe foo dogs on the top of the bookshelves look regal and join the two separate units together.

Foo Dogs in Home Decor | HomeandEventStyling.comA foo dog lamp takes the accent piece to the next level, serving as both an artistic and functional purpose in the space.

Foo Dogs in Home Decor | HomeandEventStyling.comThese two really added some life to this end table, adding to the eclectic yet elegant feel of the space.

Have you ever owned a pair of foo dogs? If not, are they something you’re thinking of incorporating into your space now?

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