Decorating Around a Rotunda

We are used to squares and rectangles in home architecture. They are the shapes you see the most of, so when you introduce a round element into the architecture, amazing things can happen. It gives the space a lot of interest because it is a step outside of the ordinary. Rotundas are a great example of this effect. What is a rotunda?

Rotunda: a large and high circular hall or room in a building, especially one surmounted by a dome.

Rotundas are usually used in foyers, dining rooms, and libraries. The shape sets them apart from the rest of the home, making the space feel special and even a bit luxurious. There are so many ways to dress them up and make them your own, so I’ve gathered 10 inspiring ideas to decorate a rotunda. Beware: you may want to build one in your next home after seeing these.

Decorating Around a Rotunda | HomeandEventStyling.comThis rotunda is in the middle of an upper hallway as an unexpected retreat. Bookcases surround the stunning floor medallion.

Decorating Around a Rotunda | HomeandEventStyling.comDark wood paneling lines the ceiling of this rotunda, echoing the rich wood of the round table below it.

Decorating Around a Rotunda | HomeandEventStyling.comRotundas also make beautiful sun rooms. Windows curve around the space to allow for unobstructed views.

Decorating Around a Rotunda | HomeandEventStyling.comA library is a popular choice for this shape because not only does it look beautiful, but it is also a very efficient design for the space.

Decorating Around a Rotunda | HomeandEventStyling.comIn this living room, the structure of the room itself is the focal point. The shape was given lots of style with window treatments and a stunning pop of turquoise on the ceiling.

Decorating Around a Rotunda | HomeandEventStyling.comA simple pattern along the top draws your eyes upwards to appreciate the rounded ceiling and beautiful molding.

Decorating Around a Rotunda | HomeandEventStyling.comThis stunning sunroom took advantage of the unique opportunity to open up the ceiling to more windows to allow extra light in and make you feel like you are out in nature.

Decorating Around a Rotunda | HomeandEventStyling.comThis rotunda defined the dining room space in this open floor plan, giving it its own flavor and designated area.

Decorating Around a Rotunda | HomeandEventStyling.comEverything works around this rotunda, from the circular pattern of the tiles to the flower motif in the center of the foyer, the round table, and even the curvature of the staircase.

Decorating Around a Rotunda | HomeandEventStyling.comThe wood and molding in this living space give it the feeling of a beach bungalow that the circular shape serves to reinforce.

Would you love to have a rotunda in your own home? If so, what would you use the space for?

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