Fresh Air Clean: Great Outdoor Showers

Outdoor showers are a favored luxury home feature that aren’t as out of reach as one might expect. There are inexpensive options that hook right up to your garden hose and make this great feature accessible to many budgets. Outdoor showers are not just for beach houses for washing the sand off of you; they have several great benefits. They come in handy for kids who love to play outside and like to track mud in with them, homeowners who like to garden and want to freshen up before coming inside, or anyone who has an outdoor hobby that gets them a bit grimy.

Here are some great examples of design for outdoor showers.

A stand-alone outdoor shower is the least expensive option and doesn’t take up a lot of space. Adding a changing cabana nearby offers privacy for changing out of swimsuits into dry clothes.

Another simple stand-alone shower that just hooks up to a garden hose for easy use. This one has a minimalist style that looks great in a modern space.

For some privacy, a couple of fence panels will do the trick.

By adding some tile to the wall and floor, you can easily create a shower space on the side of your home.

For even more privacy, you can create a look nook for your outdoor shower that’s complete with a door and places to hang your clothes.

The lattes work as an open ceiling is a nice touch, as is the little seating area and lake decor.

This shower easily hangs on an empty wall and offers some extra bells and whistles.

Curtains offer privacy and softness to this white and breezy outdoor shower.

The designer turned this outdoor shower into a rustic masterpiece that makes a statement with a stunning wall of  chopped wood.

By having an outdoor shower, you help keep the indoors clean.

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