10 Ideas for Bedroom Lighting

Lighting is one of the most powerful tools in design. Even the most beautiful rooms can be spoiled with bad lighting. It can affect the entire essence and look of a space, either elevating it or making something about it feel “off”. Besides just the type of light that’s cast, the style of the fixture itself can also have a strong influence on the space. In a bedroom, it is especially important to choose lighting that makes a statement and pulls the room together. Often, bedrooms include more than just one lighting fixture. Making sure these fixtures flow together is also a crucial part of the design. Here are 10 ideas for bedroom lighting to get your creative juices flowing.

10 Ideas for Bedroom Lighting | HomeandEventStyling.comIn a room full of angular lines, this captivating round light fixture was the perfect choice to soften up the space while keeping with the bedroom’s style.

10 Ideas for Bedroom Lighting | HomeandEventStyling.comThe drum shade around the chandelier brings a contemporary flavor, while the crystals add a bit of whimsy to the design. The sconces on the wall match it well.

10 Ideas for Bedroom Lighting | HomeandEventStyling.comThis space proves that your end table lamps don’t have to match exactly to look great in the space. It’s more important to balance them in size.

10 Ideas for Bedroom Lighting | HomeandEventStyling.comBlack shades on the chandelier speak to the other black accents used sparingly throughout the space.

10 Ideas for Bedroom Lighting | HomeandEventStyling.comTo leave more space on a small end table, ditch the lamps and go with wall sconces to flank the bed instead.

10 Ideas for Bedroom Lighting | HomeandEventStyling.comYou can even double-up the lighting with wall sconces and table lamps. The wall sconces are great for nighttime reading when you need a more subtle glow.

10 Ideas for Bedroom Lighting | HomeandEventStyling.comLamps come in all shapes and sizes. These have a wonderful sculptural element to them that adds an artistic quality to the space.

10 Ideas for Bedroom Lighting | HomeandEventStyling.comThe table lamps in this bedroom are really unique and charming, but it’s the chandelier that truly steals your eye.

10 Ideas for Bedroom Lighting | HomeandEventStyling.comThese wall sconces are not your average shape with a very minimalist, contemporary appeal to them.

10 Ideas for Bedroom Lighting | HomeandEventStyling.comThat amazing chandelier made from twigs brings some rustic character to this space, while the crystals adorning it add a bit of unexpected glamour.

Which of these bedroom lighting ideas are you most drawn to?

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