Kids’ Bathroom Decorating Ideas

If you have ever had the pleasure of decorating a kids’ space, you know it’s some of the most fun you’ll ever have decorating. With these spaces, the sky is the limit on creativity. It’s all about color, whimsy and fun. Besides their bedrooms and play areas, another great space to add a childish spirit to is their bathroom. If you make this a space they love, they might be less likely to fight you on bath time and brushing their teeth.

The first thing to do is ask them what they would personally like to see in their bathroom decor. More often than not they will be bursting with ideas. Their contribution will give you a starting point and also make this into a fun project for them, too. They will have a lot of pride in seeing it come together. Here are 10 decorating ideas for a kids’ bathroom to inspire you.

Kids' Bathroom Decorating Ideas | HomeandEventStyling.comTentacles look like they are rising from this bathtub thanks to an artistic wall decal. Kids would probably love making up stories on the sea with that as the backdrop.

Kids' Bathroom Decorating Ideas | HomeandEventStyling.comAdorable wall art not only adds some character to the bathroom but also kindly reminds kids some important rules of the bathroom.

Kids' Bathroom Decorating Ideas | HomeandEventStyling.comIf you choose a theme, feel free to embrace it whole hog. With kids, the more whimsical it is the more they will love it.

Kids' Bathroom Decorating Ideas | HomeandEventStyling.comOf course, simplicity can be beautiful, too. If your kids share a bathroom with someone older then you can bring in the whimsy with a more subtle approach. Color and pattern can accomplish this.

Kids' Bathroom Decorating Ideas | HomeandEventStyling.comAnother example of simplicity producing playful design. The pops of orange are enough to bring some life to this bathroom. The foot stools are always a great touch for a kids’ bathroom so they can easily reach the sinks.

Kids' Bathroom Decorating Ideas | HomeandEventStyling.comHere’s a wonderfully clever idea: Turn an average tub into a boat with a covering along the outside. Finish off the bathroom with sailor-inspired decor.

Kids' Bathroom Decorating Ideas | HomeandEventStyling.comGreen stripes, firefly decals, and a crafty towel rack give some sweet character to this small kids’ bathroom.

Kids' Bathroom Decorating Ideas | HomeandEventStyling.comThis bathroom is sophisticated enough for an adult but has enough whimsy to excite kids, too. Hanging the elephant artwork low allows the smaller children to enjoy it at their height.

Kids' Bathroom Decorating Ideas | HomeandEventStyling.comOrganization is important in a kids’ bathroom. Little baskets that hang on the side of the tub are convenient for loofahs and other bath supplies, while a tub caddy holds shampoo and soap. An extra hanging basket is fun for toys.

Kids' Bathroom Decorating Ideas | HomeandEventStyling.comA trough sink is perfect for multiple children to use at once. The bench not only gives the little ones a place to stand to help them reach the sink, but also supplies a place to sit to put on shoes.

When decorating a kids’ bathroom, always keep one thing in mind: use your imagination!

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