Ideas to Add Style to a Radiator

Radiators are often considered an eye sore, but because they are a very necessary part of older homes we are forced to work around them. The good news is, there are some fabulous ways to dress them up. No matter where it is in your home, more than likely there is an idea that can make it more than just an ugly, functional piece of a room. In fact, you can use them to infuse some character into a space with some clever design tricks and even turn it into one of its most stylish features.

Here are 10 ways to add style to a radiator, from radiator covers to other creative ideas that can make that eye sore into a piece of eye candy.

This vintage black radiator was fitted with a tabletop to turn it into a charming display in a foyer, bringing out the home’s character.

A half-table fits right over this radiator, making the equipment look more at home in this shabby chic space.

This unique, rustic table draws your eye from the radiator into a beautiful vignette.

Painting this radiator the same white as the walls makes it blend right into the walls. The bookshelves give the wall balance and purpose.

Do you even notice the radiator in this room? Hint: it’s hidden under that cabinet. With extra storage in the way of drawers and a great surface for serving guests, the radiator doesn’t even get a second thought.

Here is another stylish radiator cover that turns the radiator into a charming piece of furniture perfect for entryway decor.

Blendwerk’s clever radiator cover turns the equipment into a bench or side table, giving it a second function and a contemporary look.

A beautiful window seat makes the most of this space, fitting the radiator in the middle and extra storage on either side for this hallway.

The radiator is completely hidden in this elegant living room, tucked beneath the window seat. An ottoman adds a pop of color and covers it up even further.

Someone had the very clever idea to put a mantel around the radiator and a cover over it to create a faux fireplace. Such a cute idea!

Don’t look at your radiator as an irreparable design flaw, but rather a design opportunity.

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