10 Elegant White Bathrooms

One thing is true in design: White never goes out of style. This is especially true in a bathroom where elegance and cleanliness are especially coveted. There is a reason so many hotel bathrooms have predominantly white color schemes ─ because it has such an upscale appeal. If you are staging your home and need to spruce up any of the bathrooms, consider redecorating to white. This will fit with the neutral color scheme you should be focusing on capturing throughout the house before it goes on the market and make the bathrooms appear fresh and high-end.

White bathrooms are easy to pull off and very affordable to make the switch to, whether you plan on living in it or are hoping to attract more buyers. Here are 10 white bathrooms that are simple but refreshingly elegant.

10 Elegant White Bathrooms | HomeandEventStyling.comWell-placed silver accents add a glamorous touch to the white in an understated manner, giving this bathroom an old Hollywood vibe.

10 Elegant White Bathrooms | HomeandEventStyling.comFor a more classic look, gold accents do the trick in bringing some glamour. The wallpaper on the ceiling is an unexpected touch that makes this space unique.

10 Elegant White Bathrooms | HomeandEventStyling.comBack lighting looks great behind a mirror, but what if it is natural light? Hanging a mirror in front of a window can be tricky but produce beautiful results that also maximize space.

10 Elegant White Bathrooms | HomeandEventStyling.comThis bathroom proves that white can have a masculine vibe. Marble with a dark grain covers most of the surfaces, including the trim along the dark shower doors. 

10 Elegant White Bathrooms | HomeandEventStyling.comGrey on the walls and taupe on the curtains and tile bring some warmth to this simple space. Symmetry is a simple way to create great design, paying close attention to balance.

10 Elegant White Bathrooms | HomeandEventStyling.comLight wood on the drawers and fan blades ground this space full of white and marble, adding depth and a touch of warmth.

10 Elegant White Bathrooms | HomeandEventStyling.comA black and white patterned tile creates the effect of an area rug, matching the tile in the shower for a nice flow. Other small black accents tie it all together.

10 Elegant White Bathrooms | HomeandEventStyling.comSome greenery and a neutral rug warm up the polished concrete flooring and stark white walls.

10 Elegant White Bathrooms | HomeandEventStyling.comTo make the most of a white bathroom, it is important to mix textures and patterns to create depth as seen here with the marble, tile work, and carpentry on the cabinet doors.

10 Elegant White Bathrooms | HomeandEventStyling.comIf you want a very chic look, incorporate pops of black against a white backdrop. Black and white photos set the stage to pull in the rest of the accents through the floor tiles and hand towels.

Which of these white bathrooms are you most drawn to?

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