Masculine Decorating Ideas

With Father’s Day right around the corner, I thought it was the perfect time to look at some masculine decorating ideas. What exactly makes a space masculine? This essence is usually applied through warm colors, natural textures, and strong lines. You can capture this feel with just about any style of design and really comes down to the details to make it feel like a space made for a man. Keep in mind, this doesn’t mean everything has to be all dark colors and clunky furniture. A masculine essence can be more nuanced and even incorporate some softer features to make it more dimensional. Here are ten examples of masculine spaces that designed outside the box.

Masculine Decorating Ideas | HomeandEventStyling.comA rich, dark grey is the dominant color in this space, with simplicity ruling all. That is, until you look up and see that splash of gold on the ceiling in a pattern that could have been feminine or masculine but is swayed toward the latter by the surrounding design.

Masculine Decorating Ideas | HomeandEventStyling.comThis space is given a touch of “Mad Men” style with the addition of a bow-tie coffee table, bringing some mid-century modern character and charm to the space.

Masculine Decorating Ideas | HomeandEventStyling.comRich, dark green walls create a masculine backdrop that is balanced well by the creamy accents throughout the space. Though it is predominantly masculine, some softer touches such as a fur throw and some flowers on the end table add just a touch of softness.

Masculine Decorating Ideas | HomeandEventStyling.comElements from nature, including birds and animals, are common in masculine design. Something to keep in mind when choosing artwork and accessories for a man’s space.

Masculine Decorating Ideas | HomeandEventStyling.comA man could live comfortably alone in this space, but it could also easily be considered gender-neutral because of the traditional elements and warmth of the design.

Masculine Decorating Ideas | HomeandEventStyling.comWhether decorating a vignette for a man or a woman, trays always work wonders to corral loose items such as cologne and other products. It looks stylish and is very functional at making a space appear more organized.

Masculine Decorating Ideas | HomeandEventStyling.comMasculine decor is generally quite unfussy, as seen with this bathroom full of clean lines and minimal color.

Masculine Decorating Ideas | HomeandEventStyling.comGold is given a masculine touch in this luxurious bedroom, adding depth through the frames and a few select accents.

Masculine Decorating Ideas | HomeandEventStyling.comContemporary wood paneling demonstrates the rule about natural textures working so well in masculine design, seen here as a stylish wall covering.

Masculine Decorating Ideas | HomeandEventStyling.comIndustrial design suits a man’s space well with its clean lines and subdued palette. The bar stools are a great touch for adding some character to the space.

These rooms all demonstrate the elements that create a masculine flair, perfect for a bachelor pad or a man’s home study.

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