9 Tips for Staging a Master Bedroom

When staging a master bedroom, it is important to put yourself in the shoes of a buyer. Most are are looking for the master bedroom to be a retreat, a place where they can relax after a long day and get away from it all. You can help your buyers capture an emotional connection with the master bedroom by employing some smart staging tips to get their imaginations rolling. The space should be clean, uncluttered, and have a relaxing energy to it. Here are 9 tips for staging a master bedroom that will help buyers fall in love.

9 Tips for Staging a Master Bedroom | HomeandEventStyling.com1. Switch to a palette that is gender-neutral. Your buyer could end up being a single man, a single woman, or a couple, so it is important not to alienate anyone from this space. You want anyone who walks in to be able to imagine themselves winding down there after a long day.

9 Tips for Staging a Master Bedroom | HomeandEventStyling.com2. Keep the bed made and iron your linens. It may sound a bit OCD, but this small detail will make the master bedroom look more like an upscale hotel suite. Iron just the bedding showing for a nice, clean look.

9 Tips for Staging a Master Bedroom | HomeandEventStyling.com3. Warm up a hard floor with an area rug. Most people prefer carpet in the bedrooms, so adding an area rug can give the space that same effect.

9 Tips for Staging a Master Bedroom | HomeandEventStyling.com4. Keep end tables and other surfaces clutter-free. The master bedroom is meant to be a retreat, so keep this zone (and every other in the home while up for sale) clutter-free. For example, a lamp and maybe a small decorative piece or two is all you need on an end table.

9 Tips for Staging a Master Bedroom | HomeandEventStyling.com5. Add extra pillows for a more luxurious look. These inexpensive additions will bring an extra touch of warmth and inviting comfort to the bedroom.

9 Tips for Staging a Master Bedroom | HomeandEventStyling.com6. If you don’t already have a headboard, get one. A headboard helps define the bed as the focal point of the room. You don’t have to spend a fortune on one. In this room, they used a beautiful folding screen as the headboard.

9 Tips for Staging a Master Bedroom | HomeandEventStyling.com7. Decorate the walls with some gender-neutral art. This will give the room some personality and a more complete look.

9 Tips for Staging a Master Bedroom | HomeandEventStyling.com8. Hang curtains on the windows. Curtains soften the harsh lines of the windows and blinds, giving them a more decorative appeal.

9 Tips for Staging a Master Bedroom | HomeandEventStyling.com9. Add finishing touches. A tray with a couple of wine glasses or coffee cups will have your buyers’ imaginations filling with positive thoughts.

These tips on staging a master bedroom will help you create a space that will have buyers anxious to make it their own personal retreat.

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