10 Ideas for Stylish Kitchen Decor

There are so many elements that make a kitchen beautiful, from the right backsplash to beautiful kitchen cabinets. However; it’s the details that really bring a kitchen to life and make it feel like a home. Kitchen decor adds personality to what is otherwise just an empty space, no matter how pretty the finishes are. Whether you are living there or staging it for sale, the right decor can bring the space to the next level with color, character, and warmth. Even an imperfect kitchen can be improved with well-placed decor and you don’t have to break the bank to do it!

Here are 10 ideas for stylish kitchen decor that will hopefully inspire you for your own space.

10 Ideas for Stylish Kitchen Decor | HomeandEventStyling.comFresh sunflowers and potted herbs add some natural color and life to this white country kitchen. A plate of green apples continues the theme on the island, simply but effectively.

10 Ideas for Stylish Kitchen Decor | HomeandEventStyling.comThis kitchen shows that a little goes a long way. Just a few well-placed bowls and platters of fruit liven this space up, along with a small flower arrangement.

10 Ideas for Stylish Kitchen Decor | HomeandEventStyling.comIn a kitchen, decor can be found in the very things you use in it, such as fruit, eggs, pasta, seasonings, and even utensils. Invest in some stylish bowls and jars to hold them and you’ll see your kitchen decor come alive with texture and color.

10 Ideas for Stylish Kitchen Decor | HomeandEventStyling.comWhen you are staging a home, leave little hints of what life would be like in the kitchen. Set the stage, so to speak. This apron hanging from the fridge is a perfect example.

10 Ideas for Stylish Kitchen Decor | HomeandEventStyling.comLarge apothecary jars are one of the most popular items in kitchen decor because not only is the look affordable and attractive, but it is also very functional. Keep a variety of seasonings and spices in them for a range of color and texture.

10 Ideas for Stylish Kitchen Decor | HomeandEventStyling.comNo one said you couldn’t hang art in the kitchen, even if it is on the backsplash. This painting is a fun and unexpected feature in this butler’s pantry.

10 Ideas for Stylish Kitchen Decor | HomeandEventStyling.comKnow your color palette. This kitchen has a theme of all-white decor, so the plates, jars, cups, and some decor items blend seamlessly together. A few pieces in an accent color (in this case, light blue) give the accessories some depth.

10 Ideas for Stylish Kitchen Decor | HomeandEventStyling.comFunctional items are mixed with a few well-placed decor items that add some character without taking away from the functionality of the shelving and counter space.

10 Ideas for Stylish Kitchen Decor | HomeandEventStyling.comStylish baskets serve as a wonderful decor element while also holding fresh fruit and veggies under the island. Antique mirrors on the top shelf reflect the beautiful light in the kitchen while filling that space with character.

10 Ideas for Stylish Kitchen Decor | HomeandEventStyling.comHow is this for a cool idea? A brown paper roll looks great and also works well as a place for a shopping list, recipe, or other fun notes.

Kitchen decor can transform the space into a home. For inspiration, look at the items you use every day to bring in color, texture, and style with some creativity thrown in.

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