Spring Decorating Ideas

The spring season has so many beautiful elements to pull from for decor. The colors, the foliage, and the overall mood of the season are wonderfully inspiring. We see all the signs of it outdoors but it’s great to have some of its cheerful essence inside the home. This can be done inexpensively with easy and creative projects that are sure to add some character to your space.

I’ve gathered 10 of my favorite spring decorating ideas to share with you to bring that spring spirit indoors. Hopefully they will inspire you as much as they have inspired me.

Creative Spring Decorating Ideas | HomeandEventStyling.comCute rain boots make the perfect flower holder for a spring arrangement. Use children’s boots for a smaller arrangement and adult boots for a larger one.

Creative Spring Decorating Ideas | HomeandEventStyling.comFor a simple spring wreath, mix in faux lemons in varying sizes against lush green for a fresh pop of natural color.

Creative Spring Decorating Ideas | HomeandEventStyling.comFor a centerpiece or mantel decor, create a tiered bouquet out of smaller bouquets. Use two types of flowers in complimenting colors to vary the look.

Creative Spring Decorating Ideas | HomeandEventStyling.comCreate an umbrella bouquet as a unique door hanger by tying it off with a pretty bow and filling it with beautiful flowers and other spring-related accents.

Creative Spring Decorating Ideas | HomeandEventStyling.comLet the beautiful foliage speak for itself by using white pitchers and candlesticks against natural elements and foliage. Sprinkle some colored eggs around for a touch of Easter whimsy.

Creative Spring Decorating Ideas | HomeandEventStyling.comThink outside the box when it comes to spring decor. Unique items such as a weather vane and some green foliage can add subtle spring character to a space.

Creative Spring Decorating Ideas | HomeandEventStyling.comInexpensive ways to change out your decor for spring are by changing out pillows and curtains for colors inspired by the season. Clear apothecary jars can also hold seasonal accents such as fruit.

Creative Spring Decorating Ideas | HomeandEventStyling.comA gardening pale, especially a vintage one, makes a great flower holder for a centerpiece, shelving or mantel decor.

Creative Spring Decorating Ideas | HomeandEventStyling.comSmall clear or colored bottles holding just a few freshly-picked flowers is a simple spring accent. Place them on or in front of a vintage mirror for some extra character.

Creative Spring Decorating Ideas | HomeandEventStyling.comColorful dinnerware, vases, and accessories bring these shelves to life with spring. If you didn’t want to create entirely new vignettes, layer in accents that inspire you to think of spring such as a ceramic bird, flowers, or fruit.

What do you do to your home decor to prepare it for spring?

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