Decorating a Cottage Style Home

Cottage style home decor has become wildly popular the last few years and shows no signs of slowing down. It is a classic look that evolves with the times, making it an easy style to adapt to your own lifestyle. The staples of a cottage style home are usually architectural elements made of wood (beams, flooring), bead board, white furniture, neutrals, and soft blues, but rules are made to be broken. These spaces thrive on comfort and mix the old and the new together to create something unique and cozy.

Here are 10 beautiful rooms from cottage style homes, all special and inspiring in their own way.

Decorating a Cottage Style Home | HomeandEventStyling.comVarious natural textures converge in this Hampton-esque space, mixing natural wood floors against painted paneling, bead board, and beams.

Decorating a Cottage Style Home | HomeandEventStyling.comA warm, dark gray turns the simple fireplace into the focal point of this living area. Neutrals and natural textures fill the rest of the space, creating a cozy and elegant appeal.

Decorating a Cottage Style Home | HomeandEventStyling.comFlowers are a great accent for a cottage style home because cottages are typically associated with gardens and nature. This association also appears into the uses of natural textures throughout the space.

Decorating a Cottage Style Home | HomeandEventStyling.comThough subdued colors are a popular choice for the cottage style, it looks great to add a few bursts of color like these orange place mats.

Decorating a Cottage Style Home | HomeandEventStyling.comOne of the best things about the cottage style is the ability to mix lots of interesting elements throughout the space. This distressed table makes a stylish, unique island for the otherwise brand new kitchen.

Decorating a Cottage Style Home | HomeandEventStyling.comWarm tones in this kitchen go against the usual light and airiness the cottage style is typically known for, but the outcome is a cheerful space full of character. The light blue walls and bead board ceiling keeps the warm tones from becoming too heavy.

Decorating a Cottage Style Home | HomeandEventStyling.comThis bathroom is full of charm and elegance. The antique mirrors are a great find and give this bathroom a lot of character, while the open shelving and marble counter top add some contemporary appeal.

Decorating a Cottage Style Home | HomeandEventStyling.comAn amazing curved booth brings a whole lot of style to this eat-in kitchen, showing that cottage style can have a lot of sophistication. Dark gray doors pop against the white walls and cabinetry for an extra punch of elegance.

Decorating a Cottage Style Home | HomeandEventStyling.comA rustic wood table gives classic cottage character to this quaint kitchen banquette. A soft green pairs well with the white and wood tones with a pattern distinguishing the chairs.

Decorating a Cottage Style Home | HomeandEventStyling.comTurquoise, green, and a rich blue pop in the pillows, candlesticks, and a few other decor items sprinkled throughout the neutral kitchen nook. Distressed chairs give the space a rustic appeal while the juxtaposed banquette brings a touch of elegance.

To bring the flavor of a cottage style home to your space, focus on clean neutrals, unique antique elements mixed with contemporary pieces, and subtle pops of color.

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