10 Tips for Styling a Bathroom

A bathroom is quite possibly one of the easiest rooms in a home to decorate. The extra details in the decor don’t require a lot of money or effort. It’s all about organizing everything in a design-savvy manner and adding a few extra touches to make it feel special. It’s also a very easy to give a dose of luxury to this space. With some simple tricks, you can make every bathroom in the house feel like it’s a part of a luxury hotel suite.

Once you have chosen all the fixtures and paint colors, it’s time to layer in all the decor pieces that will finish off the space. For a bathroom, this means using a mix of the necessities and pretty decor to pull it all together. That’s what this post is all about. Here are some ideas for styling a bathroom, from chic decor to making the most of a small space.

An inexpensive, simple DIY trick for the bathroom is to fill glass jars with various types of sand and seashells for chic and spa-like decor.

When staging, it is best to keep personal items such as make-up stored out of sight, but for everyday living an easy and stylish solution is to gather make-up brushes in pretty jars.

Hooks on the wall are a great space-saving solution to organize bathroom necessities and decor. You can hang baskets from them to hold things such as towels and other items.

Create the feeling of a luxury hotel with unique choices such as a silver bowl to hold bars of soap, a counter top mirror, and a stylish lamp.

Ladies, your perfume bottles can serve as elegant decor when arranged nicely on a pretty tray. Some flowers finish the vignette.

For double sinks, fill that empty space in the middle with a large tray and load it up with shared bathroom necessities such as tissue, lotion, and towels.

Get creative with your bathroom decor by putting a spin on it that is uniquely you. Include items that have special meaning and add a bit of character to the space.

For a pedestal sink, a shelf will do wonders to give you extra space. Mount a small mirror above it and you have everything you need.

Some bathroom staples can also serve as decor, like lovely bars of soap in a large glass canister. Functional and stylish.

Special touches make a bathroom feel more luxurious, such as a large basket filled with fresh towels and a stool in the shower.

I hope you find these 10 tips for styling a bathroom helpful in adding some decorative touches to your own bathroom.

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